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  1. When I recently booked with Viking, their insurance was automatically included in my quote, and I had to actively decline it before paying the deposit. That wouldn't explain why it wasn't indicated on your invoice, but it does seem to be common practice for Viking.
  2. Looking forward to our first river cruise on the new Viking Gersemi, Basel to Amsterdam on July 9. Hoping for optimal water conditions for everyone this year!
  3. So glad you found Processo and Charllou. Everyone in Blu was so great in July. The manager (Yudy?) and hostess were terrific. We were able to get the Decoy Cabernet by the glass, which was not on the list but is included on the premium package. Your cabin is near where we were, so I wonder if ZamZam is your room steward. He was quiet but so attentive and helpful. Your pictures have us revisiting happy memories. Keep them coming!
  4. Ah! I am missing the Millennium after our NB Alaska cruise this July. So excited you're in Aqua because you can say hello to Charllou and Proceso in Blu. We had fabulous service from them on our cruise, and requested them every night. Also loved Rodman and Gusti in Sunset Bar, where we spent A LOT of time. If you get a chance, tell them Stephanie and Thaddeus say hello! Bon Voyage!
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