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  1. We are sailing on the Joy in a few weeks and I had a question on the arcade package. I can pre-purchase it prior to sailing for 161$ from the website but will it be available once onboard (and if so for the same price)? I'm a bit uneasy about paying upfront without knowing what games they have. Can it be paid for with OBC? Thanks,
  2. I think based on people's comments we'll do the seat save and then one of us will go check-in. Our older kid will likely want to see them but everyone will be happier if the 3yo goes and plays at the kid club for an hour 🙂 How long were the shows (about)? I've tried doing some searching but couldn't find any info on the run times.
  3. We have an upcoming cruise on the joy and hoping someone can answer this about the kids club. For sea days, it says they open at 7pm. How do folks manage getting into the early 7pm show and dropping off kids in time to make the show in time? Is it possible to drop kids off a bit early to make showtime?
  4. We are booked on the Joy in October and can now book some of the shows. It looks like when we go to book online we can only book for people in our stateroom. Since we are traveling with a larger group, if we all book separately will we still be able to sit together? Haven’t done a ship where we had to reserve entertainment so want to make sure the group won’t get split up. Im curious for the standard footloose/elements show as well as the upcharge wine musical. Sorry if if this has been asked before (I’m sure many times) but I couldn’t find the answer via search.
  5. Thanks for the link. I agree it doesn't seem that big 😞
  6. We are on the Joy in a few months for a panama trip and are staying in a Concierge Family room. I was under the impression that we could start making reservations 130 days out b/c it was considered a suite room. Is this accurate? I looked on the website but it still says everything is too early to book. First time doing a suite type room with NCL so not sure if I'm just missing something. Also, for those that have already been on Joy. Does anyone happen to have any pics of the arcade area? I've seen quite a few of the VR Pavilion but not much (any) of the regular arcade. Got two kids traveling with us so folks are excited about the prospect of playing arcade games at sea 🙂
  7. Good to know -- thanks for the info. I know it'd be skirting what's alright (asking to help getting a larger table to include a room not in a suite). I wouldn't do it the specialty restaurants (or the suite breakfast/lunch in cagneys) but wasn't sure on the etiquette for just a MDR reservation. We can plan on just on waiting w/a beeper or pre-booking that. We were already planning on pre-booking the specialty restaurants once they become available for our sailing.
  8. For folks saying it's only like a 10 minute wait is this in general true (even of large parties)? We are traveling with a 8 person group later this year and have been wondering if we will need to make reservations for the MDR because of our larger party size. edit: if it matters for reservations (or not) 1 group in the party is staying in a concierge level room. Can that be used to speed up waiting if there's a long line in the MDR? It's our first time doing NCL / concierge so not really sure what it'll get us yet.
  9. Thanks again Doug. The handouts for the splash academy programs are very useful. This is our first NCL cruise with kids and we don't know much about the program. Great to get an idea of what they offer (as well as see there are times where the kids can play together).
  10. Thanks for the splash academy pics doug. You called out a couple age ranges but nothing for 3-6. Are they going to have a space for that age group? We have a cruise planned in the fall with a 3yo and 8yo and if the smaller size means they wont have a space for the younger one we may have to rethink things.
  11. Interested in pics of the CF cabins. Also of the kids area. Hoping it’s not shrunk as much as the deck plans lead one to believe.
  12. Where is she docked in Seattle (and how long is she here)? We are traveling on her later in the year and was thinking of taking my kid down to see the ship while it’s around.
  13. Do they do multiple days of this for longer cruises? I've got a Panama Canal cruise coming up and was hoping to do laundry on the ship so we can pack lighter. Also assuming 1 bag per stateroom?
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