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  1. Check out You Tube...they have awesome packing videos and there are tons of ideas and hacks! Hope you have a safe and amazing trip!
  2. When I was younger I always wore bikinis. Once I no longer felt comfortable in them...at about age 45 I started wearing one pieces and still do at age 71. I've never liked swimsuits with skirts on them as I have big hips and they just make my hips look even wider. I have a couple of tankinis but I don't care for them. I live in CA and cruise a lot in the Caribbean and Mexico so I have at least 30-40 swimsuits. I get mine at end-of-summer sales at places like TJ Maxx (I've gotten a few Michael Kors ones for as cheap as $12), Marshalls, and believe it or not Walmart has some really cute ones! I got one there for $17 and then saw the same exact one in Glamour magazine. I've got halter-style, strapless, one-shoulder ones, just a huge variety. I never spend more than $30 on a swimsuit. That's my limit. I rotate them all the time so they never get out-of-shape. And, if they do start to show a little wear...they go into the Jacuzzi only pile. Come to think of it...I do have a one-piece with, not exactly a skirt, but a cute ruffle and it does look really cute on.;p
  3. I used to be a major over-packer but I've been packing less and less. Next cruise I'm even going to try packing in a carry-on and large tote bag and purse. I too have a first aid kit that I never travel without but it's very compact. I try to buy clothes for traveling that can be rolled up and never need ironing. My biggest test is next weekend when I'll be traveling to Colorado Springs for my niece's baby shower in an under-the-seat suitcase with no other item such as a tote or purse. I'm traveling on Spirit Airlines and so that's all I can carry. Trust me...it's been a challenge deciding what to pack for the four nights and three days I'll be gone. However, I think I've nailed it! And no...I won't be repeating any clothing except for a pair of jeans I'll travel to and from CA in. I'll let you all know how it worked out.
  4. I don't have a separate cruise wardrobe. When we cruise I'll usually by a few new pieces just for the fun of it. But I really have lots of clothes so at any given time I'm prepared for any situation. I've lived all my life either in FL or CA so my wardrobe does contain mostly summer clothing and lots of swimsuits and cover-ups. Since moving to CA (many many years ago) I also have a small winter wardrobe for going skiiiing up in the mountains. Those clothes came in handy when we cruised to Alaska several years ago. Our next cruise is probably going to be to Cuba so most of the clothes I have in my closet are perfect that kind of weather. But I will buy some new things...just for fun!:D:D
  5. Hi Ladies, Just popping in to say "Hi!" It's been ages since I posted. Glad to see you all seem to be doing well and still traveling. I dropped out from posting because of illness and major changes in my family...Dad's living in a specialty care facility and Mom is now living with my brother and sister-in-law. Most of my traveling is done going back and forth every month to two months from CA to FL, where I'll stay anywhere from 3 weeks to a month to give my brother and sister-in-law a break from caring for Dad and Mom. It's been a huge change in our lives having Mom and Dad live apart from each other after living together for 72 years. I don't think they'll ever get over it. Dad's 92 now and Mom's 89. It's just the saddest thing. However they haven't lost their sense of humor and all's not 100% bad. Anyway, that's why I stopped posting because who wants to hear negative stuff and right now I'm very depressed most of the time and I hate to pass on negative vibes. Some good news though...we may be taking our first cruise in years in late August. If you remember or not my ancestors are from Cuba and I've always wanted to go there for a visit. So, that's where we may be cruising. It would be our first cruise in a few years. We just have to decide if we want to travel that late in the summer due to it being hurricane season. We'll be making our final decision soon. Since the cruise leaves out of Tampa we can combine with a visit to see my family for a few days. Wishing you all Love, Peace, & Happiness Mousey
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