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  1. I’ve had an almost identical experience as jirtonjohn above. Abta, bank and cc company are all passing the buck between each other. Very frustrating. What’s worse is the bank refuses to tell me why they are not refunding. They said I could go into a branch and read the reason on screen. How very suspicious. Peter
  2. Well my speedy bank reimbursement just got reversed. Which has left me fuming. They say the merchant AND visa have rejected the claim, and that I have to claim through ABTA. sleepless nights ahead for me. Peter
  3. Very handy heads-up, Barbara. It could well be a marketing strategy to soak-up cmv trade as indeed Fred itineraries are similar. However, I’m tempted to hold off booking with Fred just now as I’m eager to see what transpires with the new ships. Which means I could miss out on the offer. 🤔 peter
  4. Well knock me down with a feather!!! i received the email from abta on Tuesday, (two days ago), sent a letter to my bank that morning, asking them to instigate a chargeback/refund on the debit card transaction, which was direct with cmv (no ta involved). Yesterday afternoon I received an email from my bank saying that cmv has gone bust and would I like to instigate a claim, which of course I did, yesterday afternoon. And this morning before 8am, the full amount credited to my bank account!!!!! I’m happy to share details of which bank etc private
  5. It seems amazing to me too that they could carry on taking bookings, deposits and full payments, even, when they could not have had a ‘reasonable expectation’ of being able to honour the contract. You’d think that was tantamount to fraud. I’m sorry for all those with bookings who will have a protracted battle to get their money back, along with all the employees who maybe hoped for a last minute rescue. I see from the abta website that quite quite a few cruise type operators have also recently gone under. Seems to me that the only morsel of good news rece
  6. The whole cruise industry will be keeping a very close eye on AIDA, Hapag-Lloyd, hurtigruten and cmv (if they actually do put to sea) in August/September. The pax can almost most be considered as guinea pigs as the new protocols are assessed for efficacy. There’s some talk going around that with onshore social distancing rules being relaxed, cruising might actually be safer. Which seems optimistic to me. Time will tell. If they’re right....... they cut short the horrendous loses. Get it wrong, and that’s their ships banged-up with quarantined pax. Not a c
  7. Yes, it’s a voucher which is beneficial IF you’re planning to cruise later. So the £1000 becomes £1250. In the event they fold, it says on the website that they’re covered by ABTA. No. V9945. As I read that, you should get your money back if they fold. Am I wrong? re. Being denied boarding, all the t&c’s say is that you may be denied boarding. It doesn’t say who pays. In any case, I’d hate to be the cmv person tasked with ‘get those ships sailing in aug/sep’. The logistics of it combined with it possibly being a false start...... Seems like
  8. I checked all the above with cmv. The deal for sailings up to end September....... You can cancel anytime up to seven days before departure and get a 100% voucher. However, if THEY CANCEL, then you get a 125% voucher. The opinion of the person I spoke to, ie. this is not in black and white, is that if the FCO advises against all cruise travel, then CMV will have to cancel the cruise(s), at which point you get the 125% voucher. You’d need to verify this. My next question is, what if you are denied boarding on the day because, say, yo
  9. And there’s more..... cmv have some serious algorithms at work. There’s a six night round trip departing Bristol on 15th September, with spare capacity, calling at Ringaskiddy (Ireland) the next morning to collect pax for a six night cruise. The Ringaskiddy cruise is now waitlist. Dropping off bristol pax on the 21st September and taking onboard pax for a 14 night Baltic cruise. First port of call Ringaskiddy to drop off pax from the 16th September boarding and take on pax for the 14 night cruise. And the round trip loop stays pretty much the
  10. CMV, like all cruise lines, are reeling under the financial pressures. They’ve been seeking a financing deal but as yet, as far as I know, they’ve not secured one. So I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they’re resorting to some........ ?tactics. 1. Buck the trend. Aim for an ambitious restart date and scoop the pool of people desperate to get away. 2. As above. Just get bookings in ASAP preferably for cruises in the near future to get cash in the door. Ahhhhh...... there’s a pointer here. If you check cmv’s current t&c’s ‘offer’, it says:-
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