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  1. We wanted a antibacterial soap so we brought our own. But just about 10 days later, 1/4 is already gone. Your milage may vary.
  2. Southern Hemisphere this afternoon about 3pm (our time). Pollywogs on board be no more.
  3. Finally hit the spa pool today. 800+ people on this boat and this place was nearly empty, for starters anyway. A hot pool with its own water jets, a hot tub, a sauna, a “snow grotto” and self heating lounge chairs once you laid down on them. Tough to make the snow grotto out, but there are two benches in there and snow piles in every corner. Hot cold - hot cold - hot cold. It’s one great way to get your body’s blood going and a full body invigoration.
  4. Next piece of swag we received a few days ago. We both received a box of business cards (500). As you can see with our name and stateroom. They’re for sharing with new friends on board so you can keep in touch. I think it would have been great if they put our full name and addresses on them. Then with the Viking logo and web site on the back they REALLY would have gotten some milage and advertisement out of everyone on board, especially once you used them back home. But we’re sure privacy concerns ruled the day here. Any way, once again, thanks Viking.
  5. When we first arrived in our room, we found our first little piece of swag from Viking on our bed. It’s an 18” x 12” magnetic map with a magnetic push pin to mark our current location. It obviously found its way up on the wall right away. If you zoom in you can see it marks our future track and stops across the planet. Cool stuff. It’ll feel right at home once we GET HOME and pair it up with a few other maps we have documenting our travels. Thanks Viking.
  6. From a few days ago as were exploring our new home for the next 4 months. The Wintergarden Tea Room, Viking heritage displays, the Theatre, a few refueling stations and the main Atrium. Photos will be of a smaller nature from now on, a lot easier to upload.
  7. Talked with Andy in the Atrium, seems the problem is that some who booked the 245 may have decided to wait to book some tours while on board for they are on for so long. Unfortunately they are unable to do so for segments past the one we are currently on. Yeah, that would not be fun.
  8. Good morning Andy. Here’s my .02 worth. From arriving, to this morning, we find everything exceptional. You have to remember, this cruise is just not for us. As far as just showing the LA/Sydney segment in the Viking Daily, well, that’s what’s next. No need for sensory overload for the next 119 days. Can you imagine trying to select all your tours, dinner reservations, flights, hotels and transportation for this cruise all in one day.?. Let’s sum it up in two words... Vacation baby,
  9. “Kiss the fish” a walk in the park compared to my crossing during my Navy days, USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, July ‘81. Golden Dragon soon thereafter. Looking forward to another crossing 38 years later.
  10. “Kiss the fish”, a walk in the park compared to my crossover during my Navy days. USS Kitty Hawk, CV-63, July ‘81. Golden Dragon soon thereafter. Looking forward to another crossing 38 years later.
  11. I posted a written article on the WC a month or so back. In it it stated 55 were doing the entire 245 days.
  12. Here's pat of a thread running on the Jan 4th departure date site, ref having $$$ on hand. What have been your experiences so far? ________________________________________________________ We will have a reasonable quantity of US $, mostly in small bills. In addition, we will have a couple hundred each of NZ$, Aus $, India Rupees, Euro & Sterling. For other countries we will have the equivalent of CAN $ 20, or more for those where we booked private tours. We tend to put pretty much EVERYTHING on a credit card. Easier to pay one bill at the end of the month, plus it's a good record to have of our expenditures. With technology these days, even pop-up vendors have Square and are able to take credit cards. Did you have any problems with credit cards anywhere?
  13. If I'm not mistaken, the last time we were up there, they call this bus FRED. Free Rides Every Day
  14. Hmmm, just check, reservations for the restaurants don't open till Nov 5th.?. For us getting on in LA anyway.
  15. We hope to share as well. One thing I’m sorry for in the past, was not taking enough pictures of the ships I was on in my Navy days. It was way before digital cameras and my focus was on the places I visited. 5-6k pictures over a 4 year tour and less than 2 dozen of shipboard life. Sure wish I had more. I’m surprised I don’t see more of that here. After all, that too is part of the adventure. And pics of people, hardly any. Don’t worry, we’ll change that from LA to London.
  16. Thanks, been playing with the live views ever since we booked mid 2108. See you guys in CA. 🛥️ 😊
  17. I've saved a link to this, but every time I pull it up, it goes to the day I originally saved the link. Is there a better way to pull up the camera to always go to the current time?
  18. A world cruise, or even any part of it, ENJOY! "Enjoy each destination on its own merits, rather than comparing it to someplace else." Now THAT'S well put.
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