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  1. I used mine with the stingrays. The operators will also be taking pictures to sell to you (about $60), but they will not stop you from taking your own.
  2. Carnival usually has a combination excursion that does the stingrays and the turtle farm. We took that one in January.
  3. Totally worth the cost. The wagyu steak was "melt in your mouth" tender and delicious.
  4. Correct. Everyone (yes, even those that "don't ever burn") should wear REEF SAFE sunscreen. Prevent damage to our reefs AND skin cancer.
  5. Consider where you will spend most of your time. If you want to be at the pools, sun bathing, eating (other than the MDR), a higher deck is nice so you can avoid waiting for elevators every time you go back and forth. If activities and shows are your thing (trivia, bingo, comedy shows, music shows), maybe the lower deck.
  6. On the Dream, this would be table 386 in the Crimson Upper dining room. 🙂 On our anniversary trip in January, we were assigned this table. It is near the back of the dining room in an isolated area overlooking the lower dining room. We took 3-4 steps down into a glassed in area with only three tables for two actually spaced apart pretty well. It was perfect.
  7. They did this for our cruise on the Dream in January out of NOLA.
  8. I agree. Early dining was great for us, and we loved our wait staff. Eating at 8PM has little appeal unless you plan to be up until midnight.
  9. We would take one with us when headed out to lunch, usually. Not much different than having to stop at a bar on the way, waiting, ordering, and paying for their soda. We also had them in the room if we wanted to lounge on the balcony, etc.
  10. This was not from Deck 5 or the area on Deck 11. We were on Deck 11, near the front on the port side. With the ship moving, there is no way this came from anywhere but forward of our balcony. I imagine when the ship is in port, you might get some drifting smoke from the smoking areas, but I do not know personally.
  11. When we were on the Dream in January, the smoking area appeared to stretch all the way forward on Deck 11 until you hit the cabins, including people smoking just outside the doors to enter the interior portion of the ship. Also, while smoking on the balconies is prohibited, that did not stop some people from doing it, despite the threat of a $500 fine and forced debarkation. Several times we were driven from our balcony by smoke (though we could not tell exactly where it was coming from).
  12. Carnival offered an excursion that included both of these in January.
  13. We did the Carnival excursion including these two stops in January. We had about two hours at the turtle farm. That was long enough for the quick (15 min) tour, some wandering around the site, lunch/snack at the bar/restaurant and some shopping before waiting for the return bus. If we wanted to swim in the lagoon with the turtles, we could have skipped the meal, but it had been a long time since breakfast. You may want to carry along some snack if you do both. Obviously you could do this on your own, but I would expect trying to coordinate bus or texi rides may cut into your time. Also, keep in mind that Carnival excursions get priority getting off the ship, so you may have a wait longer for the tender if you book your own.
  14. Photo of sticker used in January on the Dream. Unless they have changged the process on the Dream in the last two months, you will get this on your S&S card, then trade your card in for a spa access card each time you visit.
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