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  1. That's a terrific little bit of insight, Lookyboy. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Worldsurfer


    Lifelong vegetarian here too. Thank you, Fern, for your summarizing your experience. We will definitely speak to the food and beverage manger thanks to your helpful advice. That said, we feel like we have had more dining options on our cruises than in many of our local restaurants. Pleased to see the cruise lines making the effort!
  3. I expect that leaving early will require speaking with Guest Relations. How early can we disembark? Can we remove our own luggage, or is it mandatory to have the crew take care of it? We are thinking that by leaving with our own luggage, there might be some time saved. With plans to stay in Ortesei that night (and perhaps take a lift up before five), we are hoping to get on the road early.
  4. Hiccups, a running tour is something that I had never crossed my mind. What a great idea! Thanks.
  5. It sounds like the hairdryer is mediocre, but I am still unclear about which wattage to bring. It sounds like my 1875 wattage will be too powerful. What does work? Utog, good to know about the GHD. Is it 1600 watts? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your thoughtful review. It helps us anticipate some highlights and how to adapt to changes.
  7. l appreciate the information on times and distance. Good mention of the carts/trolleys. That I hadn't anticipated. I like to think that I am a cooperative, respectful runner, so I'll definitely defer to pedestrian traffic. For those of you who track their runs, you will understand when I say that my favorite maps of my runs are those that show ovals over a blue sea! I run alone, so I am a little hesitant about running in ports, but I will investigate. Thank you for mentioning balance issues. Since I'm a surfer, it will be interesting to see if this is a factor. Thanks to all of you for helping run enough calories to enjoy the pasta!
  8. I have to say that the removal of the casino was one of the factors that weighed into our decision to try Azamara on this cruise. We aren't against the idea, per se, just delighted to have what looks like another attractive place to spend time, which makes quite a difference on a smaller cruise ship.
  9. I would appreciate input from you more seasoned Azamara cruisers: Fans: Do they have any small fans that can be requested for use in the staterooms? Hair Dryers: Are they adequate enough or am I better off brining my own? Does anyone know the wattage of the ones that are supplied? Clothing Steamers: Are they approved for use in the room? We have butler service. Is a quick press part of the service? Thank you, as always.
  10. Thank you for the candid description of what to expect, Lookyboy. I hope that a crowded track isn't always the norm as I one of the reasons that I booked was the dedicated place for runners. It didn't occur to me that it would also serve as the primary promenade for people strolling. The "dreadmill" will have to for the sail away. Werangels, good tips and most appreciated. The raffle scene is a familiar one for this corporation.
  11. Well, as those would be sightseers of the ship and scenery, instead of me, I doubt I'll have much to dodge :-D.
  12. Thank you. Yes, I imagine the pool would be more easily navigated than the spa/gym areas. You just got me thinking that if possible it might just be better to go run on the dedicated track.
  13. Hello, all. Is either the pool area or gym open during the boarding process? I am hoping to do something active rather than succumb to a mountain of snacks before ever leaving the port. Thanks so much!
  14. As a runner, I can see why it's impossible to jog and nearly impossible to walk this deck and will comply with the no jogging rule. Sa to see that the loungers are gone too. While I appreciate the dedicated jogging track, this really is the end of an era to what was one of the most enjoyable aspects of cruising that even a balcony stateroom cannot provide.
  15. Not a bad idea actually, or equip pools in the future with lap-swimming current features. As time goes by, more people are interested in keeping up with their fitness while on vacation. The larger gyms and truly dedicated (no lounge chairs crossing into them) jogging paths are evidence of this, so I can see why swimmers and people who enjoy water aerobics would appreciate consideration. Many of my friends are avid swimmers who have mentioned that they would appreciate the opportunity to do some lap swimming. I would think that at the very least the ship could set aside some lap time. I am one who looks at gyms and the ability to run while onboard. Swimmers should unite and post!
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