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  1. @niksmom630... Sorry... Didn't mean to hijack your thread with my questions... but when I saw your Izumi pics... I had to ask. Loving your review. Hope you are having a fantastic trip.
  2. Thank you!! It's currently not listed in our cruise planner. I'll keep a watch on the cruise planner and see if it pops up. Otherwise, we'll check on board. Thanks again!
  3. We can book the Izumi through our cruise planner... but it appears to only option is the sushi dinner. We don't eat sushi but are interested in booking the "hibachi" style dinner. I don't see where we have an option to choose between sushi or hibachi. 🤷‍♀️
  4. How do you make reservations for Dinner - hibachi - at Izumi? Do you have to wait and do it on board? I don't see the hibachi as an option in my cruise planner. TIA
  5. @c-leg5 Thank you! This is exactly what we want to do. Just walk and enjoy bar hopping and taking in the sights and sounds and visit with any street vendors that might be out. We'll plan to start on the south end and stroll up to the north end. Then grab taxi and head back to the port area for some more exploring before heading back to the ship. We will be in port from 11 am to 7 pm. Thanks again for the information. It's GREATLY appreciated!!
  6. @c-leg5 If a group of 8 wanted to take a taxi to Malecon and just walked around... Are there street vendors set up along the strip? Are there other things of interest to see or do? I'm assuming we could stop any in beach club/restaurants to have a drink or snack as long as they had open seats. Is there a particular spot we should tell the taxi driver we want to be let off at? How long would you say the strip is ... 1/2 mile, 1 mile? This will be our first trip to Costa Maya. TIA!
  7. Following along... we will be sailing Harmony in April for Spring Break. My husband and I have sailed Allure before, but the other 6 in our group have not been on an Oasis sized ship before. We can't wait. Enjoy your vacation!
  8. My family still dresses up for formal nights. We actually enjoy it. Our daily lives don't involve formal parties or events, so the chance to dress up and be fancy for the evening while on a cruise is something we enjoy doing. Suits and ties for the guys and cocktail or evening gowns for the girls. We realize the trend of dressing up is changing and now overrated, but it's something we still enjoy doing. You will not be the only one dressed up on formal night. As a previous poster stated, I tend to notice those not dressed up more than those dressed up. Do what makes you and your family
  9. HOS - Central Park - Deck 12 - Cabins 12235, 12237, 12239, 12241. I'm thinking 235 is balcony, 237 is bath, 239 is balcony, and 241 is bath. Or do I have it backwards? I was a bit confused since there wasn't a set of connecting room within our block. Thanks!!
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