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  1. I took mine in a 7 day container and had no issues. Coming back into Galveston the Customs agent did ask "did you bring back any prescription drugs"? I said, 'No". He said, " No amoxicillin?" I said, "no nothing" He then wished me a nice day.
  2. When we were on the freedom 2 weeks ago they had one night were Cruise casual was allowed. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  3. Finished our cruise on the freedom on April 6th no HBO. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  4. Down 2 post cruise. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  5. Just got back from our cruise on the Carnival freedom. The steakhouse, Guy's and blue iguana cantina were tasty. MDR was ok and the buffet bland and tasteless. So I'm up 4#.. time to start working at off and saving up for our next trip for somewhere that's probably not going to be on Carnival Cruise lines. Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  6. On the Carnival freedom Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  7. Made it on board... Started out with a burger at guys.. lol.. this diet will be a challenge!! Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  8. HI, all off of radio silence now.. Had a little bout of depression and some tragic flooding here in Nebraska. Today we leave for our cruise on the Freedom and I managed though all the stress to end up 15lbs lighter on my goal for my health and not to be that " fat old guy" in the speedos ( no one wants to see that! ).. Hugs and I will check back in when we get to Galveston later today.
  9. Getting close... Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  10. Up a lb , my stress level at work has been up and that is not conducive to losing any lbs. Coupled with crummy sleep due to neighbors cranking their stereo during the day when I sleep. Not a happy camper... Keep telling myself just 50 more days till we cruise.....
  11. Hi all, I stayed right about where I was at( even ) . The low pressure system that hit us this week made my arthritis flare up along with my tendonitis in my wrist so I didn't hit the gym so far this week been wearing a brace and taking advil all week long Coupled with stress at work it hasn't been easy. 58 days till our cruise and I hope to lose a few more lbs...
  12. Thanks for stating the thread Belle. Great poem! I stayed the same this week. This plateau is hanging on!
  13. BMI is so inaccurate and outdated. It doesn't take muscle weight into account for instance.... For me it has me at obese even though I have very muscular legs..
  14. Hi gang, stayed the same this week. On a plateau I just haven't broke yet. 72 days till we cruise, still time to get to get to my goal ( 7# more lbs give or take ).
  15. Belle, still eating lean meat drinking 2 liters of water and unsweet tea/coffee. Its all about portion control.....
  16. This week it was more raw vegetables and water along with manual labor. Found out that keeping my low weight end is dependent on the amount of fresh veggies I eat.
  17. Well, down #2.6 this time around. Triggers are something I know well from my recovery program. They are better phrased as reservations " I wont break my diet unless ( insert excuse here ) happens". Once we identify what those reservations are its easier to resist the temptations. That can be a very tricky thing. Nice poem and topic Belle and congrats Jan on your loss.
  18. I think I am going to need lots of luck on this....
  19. Doubtful , when the personal vacation planner called me to try to sell me another cruise ( no let me finish this one and we will see what we think after that ) and I voiced my concerns. The spin they were putting on it was is that Carnival is trying to reduce waste and be more green and in the long run it will benefit the customer. I just got off the website and room service is still being touted as "included" from 6 AM to 10 PM. They are a major player and had reported revenues for all of CCL to the tune of 17.5 billion in 2017. I would think they just might have a I.T. guy to update things in a timely manner?
  20. Well, for me its water( lots of it ) and raw vegetables that have helped me get down some pounds. What's tough is avoiding HFCS High fructose corn syrup in foods it really adds the pounds to a body. My weakness is ice cream I Love it! I have an addictive personality so instead of a scoop I would eat half a carton. Been clean and sober for 5 years and a month so addictive things for me are something I really need to watch. Sometimes its finding out the whys to change our habits. Habits are made of 3 things Cues-Routines and Rewards. We do things for the Reward ( perceived in our minds) or actual. The cues don't change but the routines can and the rewards sure can. Eating all that ice cream was a way for me deal with boredom or stress and the sugar and creamy taste was the reward. That however was a diminishing return as it put 25 lbs on my frame. From my doctors request I started eating better and found more ways to move/exercise and the pounds have started coming off> I look and feel better with more energy and the guy I see in the mirror looks better. By changing my routine that's the reward I got. That's being said there's much to do as I have hit a plateau.
  21. Our first cruise too, feel about the same way..Doesn't seem right but as the "personal vacation planner" from Carnival said to me yesterday ( after I repeatedly asked her not to call during the day as we work nights ) it's all to make Carnival a more "green" cruise line by eliminating waste. Which will add value for the customer! She then touted the next new ship coming out as being even more green as it will run on natural gas. All in all a rehearsed canned response... I then asked her "well since I am trying to budget for this what else will be extra charges by the time we cruise?" Her answer was "there are no more changes being planned at this time and we do appreciate your business". I did ask her once again to only call in the morning and she said "I have only called once or twice" I said, " I have talked to you at least 4 times and ignored 8+ other calls I just didn't answer" She replied " ok you got me on that one".
  22. No Jan we haven't paid for the soda package, but the cruise is paid for so hopefully no more curveballs. Got yet another phone call from Carnival trying to sell me another cruise after I have asked them not to call me as we already have a cruise booked. I work nights and she woke me up so I let her know my concerns( I am on call so have to leave my phone on ). The answer I got was a "canned" answer about eliminating waste and how they want to be the greenest cruise line in the industry and that they are building a ship that runs on CNG, and they are just doing what the competition has already done. I said " yes the corporation I work for is doing the same thing about being green". " However you changed the game after I booked my cruise so some of the value we were expecting has been taken away", " I asked "what other changes are you planning to implement as a couple grand to them is small change and to us its a significant expense?" She then said she understood and no other changes are planned at this time + that the extra charges are minimal. I said, "well minimal charges all add up". I was assured that we would have a great time and Carnival appreciates our business. It ended with "I have called you a couple of times and wanted to help in any way we can". I said "this is the 5th or 6th time you have called!" she ok "you have me there". On the bright side at least I will burn some calories walking to get our food.
  23. Lesson learned, hopefully nothing else changes between now and when we embark...( fingers crossed ).
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