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  1. Yes, My Getaway cruise was cancelled. We got the letter and were offered a discount on another booked cruise. We booked the Epic (Been on her before in the Med) departing Barcelona in late November 2020-13 day. It's sailing to Puerto Rico so that will be exciting- Happy Sailing everyone!!!
  2. Thanks all! I will call NCL today. Ella2, I have loved being a teacher all these years-I currently work in our District Office as the person who trains new teachers-I have done this for the past 14 years, and it has been as rewarding as being in the classroom.
  3. I'm supposedly on the Dec 6 2020 Getaway Transatlantic and it can no longer be found on the NCL site. It still shows up as being booked on my acct. though-I've heard Crickets from NCL about it
  4. OK I admit I have scrolled passed these types of posts in the past-It's the old adage, that unless it applies to you you have no idea what this feels like to the poster.... I am retiring from being a Special Ed teacher in October 2020-Yes I am counting down the days already!!! We booked a Transatlantic on the Getaway for Dec 6, 2020-This would have been a Big Celebratory cruise for us! It's no longer on the NCL site as being a choice to book. It still shows for me as a booked cruise in my account- Where is it? What happened to it? Will NCL ever contact me about it? Thanks! Sarliin
  5. We have been on the major cruiselines as well-We have been on 6 cruises for NCL and have loved every minute- We did the Med. last year on the Epic-We had an amazing time and we are booked to go to the Med again on the Epic=The ship is not so bad that we would not sail again on her- I love every cruise I have ever been on-I refuse to get sucked into negativity-To be able to see the Vatican, Naples, Tuscany, Pisa, Cannes and my love Barcelona is absolutely a dream come true-when I can't sleep at night I go through every day or our cruise so I will not forget it-I am so thankful to go again next Fall You will not regret it I promise you- -
  6. I've been to both. I'd say Bermuda-Can't go wrong with either one really though- PS- I'm a NC teacher who loves cruising as well!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thermal Spa=Best $$ we HAVE EVER spent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the answers- I should have added that I have never had fever with this the whole time I've had it and was told by my physician I was cleared for work-They think it came from allergies- But anyway thanks for all the answers! Greatly appreciated-
  9. Hi All, NCL insurance-Anyone use it to visit ship's Dr.? If so what all did it cover? Even with insurance was it still expensive to visit? I have bronchitis and ear infection and of course am on antibiotis-2 rounds but am curious if it does not clear this time will I be able to get help from ship's Doc-We are leaving this afternoon to start our Journey for our cruise- Thanks for any info
  10. We have been on both I would say Getaway-We sailed Epic in the Med last Fall it was pretty good but we LOVED the Getaway= we have been on her twice-Staff, customer service, food, shows....
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