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  1. Thanks everyone for your congrats to my retirement. I am very excited. You all have offered great info for me to consider. Thanks so much! Toni
  2. I'm really excited to retire now. This cruise will be something to look forward to.
  3. Good to know! I will do that-Thanks
  4. Hello All! For my retirement cruise we have just booked the Celebrity Edge! I am so excited. I retire this Fall-I'm a Teacher-but we decided not to go until Dec. 3 2021. We have cruised NCL, Royal, and Carnival (never again). We have stuck with NCL because we keep getting perks but we decided on something different this time around. Anyway I'm usually a "lurker" on these boards so I'll "see" you all around. If you have any tips for a first time Celebrity cruiser let me know! Toni
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it so much-I was thinking the Epic as well. I have booked both for now as there is still time to "officially" decide-and I had cruise next certificates for deposits Sarlin
  6. Nov. 23rd Transatlantic 13 Days Epic from Barcelona to Puerto Rico Dec 5th Transatlantic 14 Days Getaway Barcelona to NYC Thoughts? Pros/Cons? We've sailed on both ships btw- Hoping for a very relaxing cruise-Will be celebrating retirement- Thanks!
  7. Yes, My Getaway cruise was cancelled. We got the letter and were offered a discount on another booked cruise. We booked the Epic (Been on her before in the Med) departing Barcelona in late November 2020-13 day. It's sailing to Puerto Rico so that will be exciting- Happy Sailing everyone!!!
  8. OK I admit I have scrolled passed these types of posts in the past-It's the old adage, that unless it applies to you you have no idea what this feels like to the poster.... I am retiring from being a Special Ed teacher in October 2020-Yes I am counting down the days already!!! We booked a Transatlantic on the Getaway for Dec 6, 2020-This would have been a Big Celebratory cruise for us! It's no longer on the NCL site as being a choice to book. It still shows for me as a booked cruise in my account- Where is it? What happened to it? Will NCL ever
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