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  1. PEOPLE this was a SEC filing. Not a press release. Frank Del Rio & Genting will not let this happen. They will secure the loans they need to carry them into 2021. The SEC filing is just a way to try and stay off paying debt. You guys read the headline and drink the “Kool Aid” every time. NCL will survive this. If they do not. No cruise line can survive. another word it too big to fail. Most likely outcome is a PEF (private equity firm) will make a bid for a controlling preferred stock takeover. Then it’s business as usual.
  2. No one can be this gullible. the lines are all going into either cold/warm layups. they have or in the process of repatriating most of the front/back of house employees. Do you think they are going to do this for only 6-8 weeks? The cruise lines will takes weeks 2-3 to get ships back to operational standards. Then hey hope all the contracted employees back. This process alone will take 4-6 weeks. The lines are cancelling cruises that have already need to be PIF. then they cancel. as of last week CLIA estimates 50% of all deposits opted the 125% credits. They are using your money as an interest free loan. There will be no cruises for at least 6 more months. I’m willing to bet on that.
  3. Sorry but i do not think most of you are smart enough to figure out Royals math. So, at the the kindness of my heart i will dumb it down for the common folk. $1400 for the Cabana rental - flat rate. minus the $400 in savings. here is the actual mathematical breakdown $1400-$400=$ 2658.98 -$500=3476.67 + $45.67-3.00 /3567 (87886) x 36.7%. = $-300(*)56 > 879*36%¥676€ a7373$ = XY Do you get it now???
  4. Download the Rccl app for your phone. In the dinning section you can see the menus listed there.
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