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  1. I find this post offensive. Why is it Ok for this member to set out on a personal attack and make fun of me allowed???? After reading the posting guidelines, he/she has violated those terms. Please repromand this BULLY... and remove the post that make fun of me. Tree_skier is passing judgment on my post in a hurtful way. This person made fun of a few typo’s and questions my integrity. HOW DARE THEY!!! And has influenced a few others to discredit and mock me as well. THESE ARE VIOLATIONS ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD, AND I DEMAND THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS/HER ACTIONS. disagree, debate, discuss... but don’t discredit me. I do not deserve that. Maybee we should all look into tree_skier past posts and look for speeling and punctuation errors. And thow it back at them. I also would like an apology from tree_skier posted on this thread. Maybe this will teach that user a good lesson. And they will stop being a BULLY.
  2. I guess 347 of the nearly 2000 that have read this post agreed. I know have 351 signatures. The silent minority sometimes speaks the loudest. thank you...
  3. Mock me. Its Ok. Being on vacation, can give one a false sense of security. Being dilligent is not over reacting. In three weeks ive been trying to get this to the attention of RCCL top brass, i have collected 3. Thats right 3 signatures. What does that tell you?
  4. Im getting a petition together to force RCL from putting us all at risk with smart boarding protocol. i will not cruise with them again until card are handed to you at check in. Leaving the cards for anyone to take is DANGEROUS. Leaving them in an envelope when you arrive. Would you leave house keys next to your door... NO, you would not. if you are interested in supporting your saftey on board RCCL. Please let me know. So far i have 3 signatures. From other concered passengers. What is it going to take to get them to listen. A mugging, a beat down a robbery from someone hiding in your room when you arrive. Please, together we can make RCCL “GREAT AGAIN” thank you....
  5. although we have been on several cruises previously. We are thinking about a last minute booking on the Anthem. I just read the ship does not have a pullman. And the couch will accommodate 2 people. We are a family of 4, my boys are 12 & 14. Anyone out there have any pros or cons to the bedding set up on the quantum class ships. Im just affrriad it will be uncomfortable for them. I appreciate any feedback. :o
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