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  1. Ha ha! I wish. Last storm I remember was Michael. I guess I was reading too many Hurricane posts.🤣🤣🤣 Glad that Oscar is dissipating... I hope
  2. Thanks. I didn't know about the kids until I read it here. Sounds like staying on the ship is a good plan.
  3. Question: I didn't book any cruises at port Canaveral. Is it worth getting off the ship to get there myself or spend time at Coco beach? I may just enjoy the pool, weather permitting if it's a nay. If it's worth it, I may research the port to look at my options. I heard there are plenty of taxis or Ubers. Believe it or not, I still didn't download the UBER app or know how to use it! Sorry if this has been already answered. TIA
  4. Hi, I'm sailing on Nov 3, 2018 on the Norwegian Gem. Will this Hurricane affect us? Say it isn't so. Many thanks
  5. Go to your profile. There are 2 camera icons. Use the left one, click on it, you can either use the camera or your files. Choose a pic u like under the size limit allowed and voila', it uploads.
  6. I was really looking forward to having lobster on my upcoming cruise, the Norwegian Gem, sailing on Nov Nov 3rd. I think the last time I sailed must have been around 2014, if I member correctly, and I was on the Princess. I had lobster then. I'm disappointed. I'm not going to lie.
  7. I tried other pictures but they were all too big to upload - so my cheesecake pic will have to do, lol. It was taken 3yrs ago, I believe. Thank God for good lighting.
  8. I thought I did but I don't see anything. Can someone confirm???
  9. thank you! I didn't see the topic right after I posted but now I do...
  10. I just posted something and created a new topic under the help section and I can't see it
  11. Question: I've been to the Bahamas before, a long time ago, but was wondering if there's still a free beach near Atlantis? Last time I was able to take a taxi to Atlantis and then to the free beach (my memory is going). When it was time to get back to the ship, a line of taxis would be there to take you back. I'm planning to do the same on Port Canaveral/Coco beach. Haven't priced the port Canaveral excursion yet. ALSO, i don't want to get stuck in any Hurricanes, bad weather (who does, LOL AND I KNOW YOU CANNOT PREDICT) BUT best guess scenarios to those in the know - according to the Weather Channel, no bad weather for the next 5 days and I read something that as we get closer to November the likelihood lessens. Is that TRUE? I'm also a little nervous as I'm a solo cruiser BUT i make friends easily - i was hoping that with a ROLL CALL I'd meet others from this group but with the state of this website not sure this will happen. I have a cabin on hold and need to let Norwegian know no later than today though I heard there are plenty of spots on this cruise... Thanks!
  12. Thanks. I hope so as I desperately need tips for the Nov 3rd cruise to Port Canaveral and Bahamas! Trying to decide whether to book it or not. Using my smartphone which seems to be working much faster than my computer at work
  13. I used to occasionally use the site to read reviews and live vicariously through others, lol, and just recently joined AND noticed how much slower it is to get anywhere so much so that I finally have up and went to another site. I have IE at work. Should I be using Chrome? I don't have safari.
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