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    Couple thrown off ship....

    [quote name='GoinCruisin']LOL, now he is a deputy sheriff... the other day, he was just an officer... this is getting better everyday! LOL!!! The Sensation has had propulsion problems for days now... they have cancelled GT from the cruise they are on now, as well as the next cruise I believe.[/quote] Someone told me that the Sensation may change itineraries with the Fantasy and vice versa...did anybody hear that?
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    infirmary ?

    Carnival does not give any special discounts for nurses. On every ship they have at least one doctor (sometimes two depending on the size of the ship) and at least four nurses. They are hired by Carnival and are certified in either the U.S., U.K., South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. These doctors and nurses live onboard the ships for a period of time that was stated in their contracts.