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  1. All well and good. But there has to be vaccine available and vaccinations completed first. And so far the EU has done an abysmal job on both.
  2. With the current rate of vaccinations in the EU (very slow) and the rising numbers in Italy I think the odds are not in your favor for November out of Rome. The UK is another story, their vaccination program is going very well. of course everything depends on whether you are vaccinated or not.
  3. Please name a few and quote your source. We can't seem to find this info.
  4. I see. We should change where and how we cruise because some people can't hold their booze. Not gonna happen! What needs to happen is banning alcohol during cabin crawls or limiting crawls to certain hours of the day.
  5. Disastrous indeed. We think more and more countries will tell the EU where to stick the vaccination program and go with their own vaccine rollouts as some are already doing. At least that's the hope.
  6. People participating in a cabin crawl who had too much to drink and were running behind the main group. Banging on doors looking for the "crawl"
  7. Noisy crowd wandering around hallways. Disturbing neighboring cabins. Drunks banging on the wrong cabin doors. We've experienced all of these thanks to cabin crawls.
  8. Your crystal ball specializes in RCL?
  9. Please post your source for this info. We can't find anything stating Barcelona is closed for all of 2021
  10. Nope, I don't know where you got your info. The CDC has jurisdiction over any ship coming into a US port, period. They have NO jurisdiction over ships in Europe.
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