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  1. Nope, 10 years, passports for minor children are good for 5 years
  2. I would like to know the answer to that also. As far as we can tell it's definitely not a "done deal"
  3. Yep, same thing happening at the Munich airport. And, if you do have some kind of exemption you darn sure better have the paperwork to prove it.
  4. That's correct. Apparently it changed when the EU opened up to tourists from the USA
  5. I don't doubt that at all. Things are changing almost daily.
  6. Nope, in Germany anybody with proof of vaccination can go to a local pharmacy and register for a digital certificate.
  7. Where in the world did you get that idea? The CDC is run by political appointees.
  8. you too? Thought I was the only one doing that, LOL
  9. Baloney! Airlines put the advertising, safety cards, etc in the seatback pockets all the time, and the recommend passengers should take time to read this stuff. Anybody caught shoving a dirty diaper or used kleenex in a seatback pocket should be booted off at the next stop and banned.
  10. Please explain what you mean by this. Are you saying you couldn't put a kindle is a seatback pocket?
  11. Very good idea. We had to do the same thing to finally get our money refunded
  12. Thank you, I have no idea what is or isn't valid in the USA. My comments only concern what we were told yesterday morning by the US consulate and what is on the Cyprus government website. People can believe whatever they choose. Requirements are changing almost daily in the EU.
  13. This is the problem. Every call gets a different answer. The US consulate in Munich is adamant the the CDC card is not acceptable proof of vaccination in the EU. Cyprus government website says the digital EU vaccination certificate is all that's needed. If we ever get a definite answer I'll post it immediately.
  14. At the moment we don't know. We're trying to find out.
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