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  1. What you won't find is many kids from Europe during this time. Many schools over here are in session until late July.
  2. Was this a form specifically for Malta?
  3. An EU passenger locator form? What country or countries is requiring this? I know there is a passenger locator form for the UK but have never heard of one for the EU
  4. RCL will definitely take a booking away from a travel agent. We've done this twice with different TA's. All you need to do is give RCL a reason like your TA isn't communicating with you. In our case the TA wasn't answering emails and was very difficult to get on the phone. Not following your requests should be reason enough.
  5. They don't, at least not in our experience. Had a couple try it and the other folks in line very quickly let the pinns know it wasn't gonna happen
  6. I think you mean Limassol? We were on Jewel 3-11 September, the testing at the cruise port was very well organized, very quick and easy. Results in 15 minutes. The testing on board (required to re-enter Cyprus) was a different story. Book your appointment for this as early as possible, don't be surprised if you wind up standing in a huge line, and be prepared to visit Guest services later in the day for a print out. The testing it's self was disorganized, it also closed for cleaning right in the middle of a bunch of scheduled appointments. Bring a big supply of patience.
  7. Where did you get that idea? Our experience in Japan, Taiwan, and China (pre-pandemic) was completely different. A few (very few) spoke understandable English.
  8. Both of these statements are wildly inaccurate at best
  9. In our opinion No. how much you enjoy it will depend on your personal taste. And what your table companions are like. Our evening was ruined by one particular woman who seemed to think she was "queen" of the table. She simply never shut up.
  10. Unfortunately this is not always the case. We just returned from an extended trip to the USA. I carry insulin and needles and TSA wanted the documentation from my Doctor at every airport. Also, the request can vary depending on the individual TSA agent.
  11. Uuuhh, nope, a large part of Europe is laughing at the CDC and their completely non-sensical advice.
  12. well, considering that CDC has lost almost all credibility, maybe their "lists" should be taken with a grain of salt
  13. Nope, 10 years, passports for minor children are good for 5 years
  14. Yep, same thing happening at the Munich airport. And, if you do have some kind of exemption you darn sure better have the paperwork to prove it.
  15. That's correct. Apparently it changed when the EU opened up to tourists from the USA
  16. I don't doubt that at all. Things are changing almost daily.
  17. Nope, in Germany anybody with proof of vaccination can go to a local pharmacy and register for a digital certificate.
  18. Where in the world did you get that idea? The CDC is run by political appointees.
  19. you too? Thought I was the only one doing that, LOL
  20. Baloney! Airlines put the advertising, safety cards, etc in the seatback pockets all the time, and the recommend passengers should take time to read this stuff. Anybody caught shoving a dirty diaper or used kleenex in a seatback pocket should be booted off at the next stop and banned.
  21. Please explain what you mean by this. Are you saying you couldn't put a kindle is a seatback pocket?
  22. Very good idea. We had to do the same thing to finally get our money refunded
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