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  1. Watching - intermittently -- the sail in. PTZ webcam topped out, at my count at 43,958. Guess that explains the "internittent." Anyway, so happy for this leg of the journey to be ending for all involved. Nothing like Cruise Critic to witness this, although the sadness and outrage has made this more of an ordeal. God bless all for a safe and relaxing continuation home, and prayers especially for those who still have a wait, either on the ship or in a hospital.
  2. Has there been any discussion of consideration of housing, for the purpose of quarantine, these passengers on the empty HAL ships just sitting at anchor offshore? Yes, they will need crews and medical personnel, supplies, etc. but the whole operation could be kept in-house, so to speak. No need to bring anyone ashore until either past their quarantine time or beyond the level of care that can be provided on a ship. If crew members have been used to take meals to staterooms, why not use crew to ferry whatever or whoever is needed to these ships? Use maybe more than one idle ship in order to
  3. Several years ago, we made the train trip from Vancouver to Seattle in order to save a little on our flight. We debarked the ship early in the morning, then had a long day to kill in Vancouver, where we had been before and already had seen quite a bit of the city. But we did another tour, after storing our bags in an area, near the cruise terminal (not sure if still exists) but it was convenient then. However, it seemed like a very long day before we retrieved our bags and went by taxi to train station. The train's departure was delayed, which made us very late in our arrival in Seattle.
  4. On the Sun Princess we were on in the Caribbean one Halloween, there was a pool party that night with many guests costumed, though more were not. And the few children aboard that 9-night cruise were taken around ship by crew members for trick or treating. Best of night had to go to the group of guys dressed like Dalmatians with their own Cruella de Ville. Hilarious.
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