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  1. I’m on the same train of thought. I guess the reason I posted in the first place is that I have never heard of any company providing this service, and having gone through hundreds of posts in cruise critic I’ve also never read anyone having done this. There are tons of posts about the public bus/shuttle, as well as the 20 Euro taxi ripoff to the port entrance. I only came across this NCC shared shuttle service by accident after having done a google search and finding it on page 4. Anyway it was offered on their website & they e-mailed me the vouchers so I guess it’s legit. This will be our first time taking the train to Civitavecchia after a pre-cruise stay in Tuscany. On all our previous cruises out of Civitavecchia, we came from Rome & only ever used private or shared shuttles.
  2. What time of the day were you there? We’re arriving Civitavecchia just after 11AM, which I think is peak time, on a Sunday with 3 turnaround ships in port. On disembarkation, our train departs Civitavecchia at 9AM, also on a day with 3 ships in port.
  3. I agree, however the other option is to take the local bus to the port entrance (2 euros), and then the free port shuttle to the cruise terminal. I have read of long lines and queueing for more than an hour to get on the shuttle. Not sure I would want to do that in the scorching sun (August) since the staging area by the port entrance is open air.
  4. I’m well aware of the hassle of taking the local bus from the train station to Largo della Pace and then the shuttle bus to the cruise terminal, as well as the lack of taxis that have permits to enter the port. Unfortunately taking a private transfer or shared shuttle isn’t an option as we are taking the train from Pisa directly to Civitavecchia on embarkation day. Having done lots of research, I came across NCC, the bus company that does transfers, and I believe is also the contractor for lots of cruise lines for their transfers & tours in & out of Civitavecchia. To my surprise, they offer a shared shuttle from the train station to the cruise terminal and vice versa. Cost is 30 Euros for 2 each way. There are only a couple of scheduled departures on each direction, which are perfectly timed with our train’s arrival & departure. I went ahead & made the booking, and got our vouchers. Has anyone ever used this service with NCC? I’m a little worried because I have searched the forums diligently going as far back as 5 years ago, but have never seen this discussed. I opted for the option to pay the driver directly. I figured if they don’t show up, we’ll just take the local bus & shuttle combo then.
  5. If I put two bottles of wine in my checked luggage and also bring two more in my carry on, will they have a way of knowing that I have more than two? Assuming this goes through, a visit to the naughty room is a small inconvenience to pay. We will be visiting the wine regions of Italy before boarding Jewel in Civitavecchia and I’m so tempted to try 😂🤣.
  6. Thanks for the tips norhel & jean-lynd. I’ll go ahead and make the payment. I was just curious because you can log out of the planner without settling the charges yet. I checked daily for 6 days straight and the items I added on to my cart (BOGO & They Key) are still there. I am under the impression that I can wait to make the payment before cutoff time, but I’m also concerned that the price will increase before then.
  7. Hello, new to RCI here and just wondering about the online cruise planner. I’ve selected specialty dining & other packages for a cruise in August 2019 but haven’t yet paid for my cart, and don’t plan to until a couple weeks before the cruise. I’ve checked daily the last few days and it looks like my cart is still intact with all the packages I’ve selected. How long will I be allowed to reserve these items without payment, and do I run the risk of a price increase or will they honour the price at the time these items were selected?
  8. Partner & I are booked on this sailing. Hoping to meet some or all of you onboard 🥂🍸🍷🥃🍻🍽🧀
  9. I’m curious about this too. My partner & I booked a non-refundable fare on the Anthem 7-nt Bermuda April 20, 2019 sailing, only to realize after that it’s a public school holiday in NY/NJ. This cruise will be overloaded with families & kids, and we’re concerned we might feel out of place.
  10. I thought about that, but I actually like the location of these cabins. They’re forward enough from the Bliss lounge one floor below that noise shouldn’t be an issue. This would be my third gty in the last two years & I haven’t had any luck at all with getting a higher category or a better location. I guess better this than the unknown.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. I was surprised they had cabins available on a supposedly guarantee category.
  12. Hi all, Longtime lurker here and have a question about IX GTY cabins. I was under the impression that this category is a sailaway inside guarantee. I am looking to book a Med cruise on the Epic next year, and it seems like I am able to select cabins 8000, 8001, 8002 or 8003. Any insights? Thank you.
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