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  1. Jamman you should start a you tube channel. Great cruise reviews there. You’d be a natural. Rarely get on CC anymore.
  2. Carnival raising Faster to the Fun to $120. Remember when it was only $49? I thought it was a rip-off then. Now? For sure.
  3. So $2000 a night. For 2 people. Yikes. That’s more than 7 cruises. So a Sky suite for a week. Or a standard balcony for 49 days. I’ll take the 49 days.
  4. On our last cruise the meet and mingle was planned on our FB group. Hardly anyone on our cruise was on CC. Hard to organize when most of the cruisers weren’t even on here.
  5. Starting December 1st. Anyone smoking in their cabin or on their balcony will be charged $500 on the Sign and Sail and all cabin members kicked off the ship at the first port. Wow!!! About time. Guests are encouraged to report balcony smokers to guest services.
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