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  1. We leave Friday and ours did the same. Nothing available last Thursday and then disappeared. I assumed they were moving things around and planning the upgrades. And then the bids started coming in slowly... some people found out 7 days before, some 4 day, and us... 3 days.
  2. We got our upgrade! Escape 12/21 (Xmas Sail) # Sailing: 3 Original room: Mid ship balcony (BC) $2,822 before fees Upgraded room: spa mini suite (M9) Upgrade bid: $235 (I believe bid started at $150) Upgrade date: 12/18 We already planned to get the spa pass, so an extra $70 for a midship minisuite by the spa is a great deal IMO! Declined bids: - Spa Balcony: $150 (started $95?) - Courtyard Haven (H5): $430 - FF Haven (H7): $450
  3. We leave on a Friday too and mine are all pending. I’ve lost hope but they don’t say cancelled, sooo? I know that others got upgraded yesterday.
  4. So there’s still hope for the rest of us! Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. I lied. Kind of. My bids for spa balcony and spa mini suite are now in poor range. 😩
  6. I’m on the same one. I don’t see the adjustment in range when I look at mine. Still $400 min for the two haven I bid on.
  7. Same for me. I don’t sail until 12/21. I’m thinking it’s just a glitch. If not, I hope we get our haven bid. FX!
  8. Hi! I just did a mock booking on both ncl.com and Priceline. Was able to see which rooms were available for me in those categories. And I wasnt quoting capacity for the whole sailing. Just for the two room types I’m bidding on.
  9. We sail 12/21 on the Escape, and I'm getting antsy about my upgrade bids... not sure I'm being aggressive enough. Newbie alert. I'm in the "poor" range for an upgrade to a spa balcony (50% still available) or spa mini suite (about 75% still available) from a mid-ship balcony. Wonder if I should bump it up or not. "Fair" would still put me under the $200 cost of a thermal spa pass. Cabin prices have increased a bit since I booked over a month ago.
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