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  1. In December we were on the Millennium in Aqua Clasd. We got the nice heavier tote with the zipper and pocket. In July we were again on the Millennium in an Ocean view We just got the lighter tote. They are both nice to use for excursions to bring extra needs. We love all classes on Celebrity.
  2. I always get some Euros from the bank before I leave so I can get a cab or transportation to our hotel or any immediate needs upon arrival. I always contact our credit card. Once I forgot they wouldn’t approve my purchase until I called them. Not always easy when you are overseas. Once you are there you can use credit cards and ATMs for money. Have a great cruise.
  3. We had them on our Alaskan cruise on the Millennium. The revolutionized has a bakery and we had some from there and also small open faced sandwiches in another part. Very enjoyable.
  4. We were just on the Millennium out of Seward. Our muster drill was at 7:15 PM. Sail away at 8.
  5. Had a German chocolate cake in Cafe Bacio that was to die for.
  6. Also App was handy to see daily activities. You can also text roommate.
  7. We used it on our Alaska cruise on the Millennium. It didn’t show all our excursions and specialty reservations until the week before the cruise. Before that it wasn’t complete. Checked in with the App. Checking in went so fast. Took our pics and onto the ship. Able to drop off our carryons right away but wanted us to leave so rooms could be completed. Room cards on door. Loved the new decor. So much brighter. Beds comfortable.
  8. You can always bring on 2 bottles of wine at Embarkation. That way you could have a couple bottles that you know you like.
  9. A couple things. I second the suggestion to go to the roll call for your cruise. There will be a lot of people setting up private tours and can give you ideas of options. Also know that Celebrity will add more excursions the closer to the time of the cruise.
  10. We took this cruise last December before the revolution. It was reasonably priced at the time. We loved it. Halong Bay was incredible. Weather was good. A little hot in Bangkok but incredible sights. Hong Kong and Singapore were great. One of our favorite cruises. We will be on the Millennium in a few days for an Alaskan cruise. Looking forward to seeing the new ship. Timing when to put in your reservation is always difficult. I like being able to pick certain cabins on certain decks so I like to reserve early and start planning. Our December cruise never dropped and in fact was higher after we made our deposit. There was some upgrades offered after final payment but we were happy with where we were. We also had a very active Roll Call and lots of good info learned on it.
  11. No she doesn’t. They indicate who has a beverage package on your seapass card.
  12. Thanks for the info. We were on the Millie last December before the revolution. We were in Aqua. Class then. Picked an Alaska cruise this June and will be in Oceanview. Thanks for the pictures. Feeling good about our choice. Looking forward to seeing all the upgrades.
  13. Yes. We always get a single internet package. Only one can be logged in at a time but you can use IPad, computer, phone one at a time.
  14. On our last cruise we never received them. They put them on at the port.
  15. We got ours about 5 days after I was finally able to order them online
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