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  1. I also will not cruise unless all are vaccinated. I read that to get around Florida law, it will be voluntary to show you vaccination status. However if you don’t you will be treated as non vaccinated. You will have to wear a mask at all times and pay for any covid test they do at the end of the cruise where for vaccinated it is free. Also you might not be able to get off the ship in places that don’t want anyone who is not vaccinated unless they go thru isolation. This might give someone pause. Not sure how they will enforce it. This is only for those who have had access to vaccines not und
  2. I was on hold with Delta for 4 hours and then it took them 8 hours to get back to me a couple weeks ago. I consider an hours wait not too bad. I think a lot of the problem as they haven’t really upstaffed for the amount of people who are trying to fly now. Good luck all. Wishing all better experience.
  3. I bought those yellow rain pants for both DH and me also. We will be seen and can find each other in a storm.
  4. I specifically asked when I booked our Iceland trip and also asked Tellus when they called me back about another question I had and both said they thought it was at full capacity.
  5. Just booked Iceland. Canceled a fall cruise I was sure wasn’t would go. Very excited to get cruising again. Louise and Jim.
  6. We have been in 6901 on the Infinity many years ago. It was indeed larger. My husband loved it. Very convenient place as it is by the middle elevators and you can see the ocean because of all the glass around those elevators. I feel if you want an inside cabin they are the best for location and size.
  7. Looking forward to all the above and am really enjoying a positive topic. We just love being at sea. It’s mesmerizing. We live in the desert so really enjoy our cruises.
  8. I’m just excited that we are back to discussing what to wear. Does this mean cruising is far behind? Take care. Louise
  9. OK. So no one actually knows what will happen in 2 months or 12 months. I don’t think it helps to flame others for their hope for cruising to start. Vaccinations are going well in a lot of places. We are a group of cruise lovers. I appreciate positive comments. The only negative comments are all guesses. This has been a horrible time for all and looking forward to coming cruises is a good thing. No need to rain on our parades.
  10. We would have a hard time cruising there is a requirement for vaccines. Want the roll out of cruising to go smoothly and I don’t see that happening unless mandatory vaccines. Louise
  11. We are on the Transpacific on Solstice to Japan in Sept. these are the dining packages One time. Murano 50 Tuscan Grille 45 Sushi on 5. A la carte Le Petite Chef. 49.50 Speciality package 3 night. 129 4 night 149 6 night 204 8 night 265 12 night 378 14 night 418. Enjoy your cruise if you
  12. Loved New Zealand. Would like to spend more time in Alaska. We also enjoyed DaNang Vietnam. Loved Italy especially Tuscany. Could visit any and all again. So many places so little time.
  13. i think we should stick to the question asked by the OP. I would go for the upgrade. Sounds like a reasonable price.
  14. We stayed in 6903 and we loved it. My husband maintains they are a lot bigger. We have been them twice. So convenient. If you want a good inside room they are the best.
  15. We were on the Millennium in June to July southbound. My husbands favorite excursion was the halibut fishing trip in Icy Strait. He absolutely loved it. The other outstanding excursion was in the glacier. We did the smaller boat that took us closer to the glacier. Saw some incredible calving. Loved it. Those were our outstanding excursions. We also enjoyed the whale watching trip that ended at a lodge with a salmon lunch. So good. Only did Celebrity excursions. We are OK with those. We really enjoyed this cruise. Did our own thing from Anchorage to Seward. Loved both Anchorage and Se
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