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  1. I want to try it next time because when we seen the bucket of seafood hahaha we were like "WHAT!!!!" Lol.
  2. We downloaded the carnival app and purchased our pictures that way , pixel shop will be open in the morning we had to get our canvas desembarkation day.
  3. I think it is the location my family and I didn't discover the place until the last sea day on horizon lol. We seen someone with a bucket of crabs and we were like where did they get that from lol.
  4. Only on the first day I excercise my way to food ...other days uhmm elevator lol.
  5. Elevators always slow on embarkation day I usually try to bring one luggage and do the stairs and excercise my way to the buffet 😂🤣 Got to balance it out some how lol.
  6. Wow, I don't like the schedule because j have a schedule when not vacationing lol wake up, ready for elementary, ready for work , dinner repeat (sometimes). Thanks for mentioning that .
  7. Best advice , go walk up to the bar you'll get the drink faster because the servers are trying to talk to other cruisers and make their money hahaha
  8. Oh okay 😂 I thought it was a website like the one tracking the ship location I just like those sites while counting the days down until embarkation day like this site is good to pass time
  9. So you have to set up reservations for everything?! Oh that's too much. I only been with carnival but wanted to Branch out because the other ships had Haiti and other places carnival doesn't visit. I like carnival because my mood changes one minute I will walk and listen to the singing but if they aren't singing good that night I'll walk out and listen to who ever singing near the Havana area.
  10. How do you check to see if a ship is booked and how many passengers onboard? But yeah the news I don't watch they want you overly stressed and scared .
  11. I live in Florida too and getting the emails saying cruises starting at $45 per person or $60 per person. I don't think the virus would hurt carnival. I'm one of the people if I could take a vacation during Florida busy season is take it fast hahaha but I work at a hotel so I don't cruise during this time until June -December. Have fun cruisers on these discounts .
  12. $200 OBC! I have always browsed the shops on the ship but never bought anything like the clothing or sandals I'd probably buy something from the shop. I'm usually always buying the $10 items lol. My dinners would already be paid for in advance and I usually have my ship and sail sign account with a budget that I stick to so the extra money goes to something silly.
  13. I always tell people to make sure you fill out the survey they send via email and explain how they need to do better with entertainment on the ship. Trust me when resorts /hotels/ theme parks / cruises get bad reviews and if they get a lot in a particular area they usually try to improve .
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