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  1. Thank you so much just trying to see if i should just do expedia instead of carnival lol.
  2. Carnival sensation 4/12/15 Inside cabin lol Bahamas short trip but I was scared lol it was my first time lol
  3. Anyone have it? Or is the credit card not really worth it?
  4. Hahahaha happy wife happy life lol Splurge you have a reason to a very good reason.
  5. I think it is good for the anniversary just to try something different. Enjoy!
  6. Florida is a tourism state which I think many have forgot thag we get out money amd jobs from travelers. When we didnt decide to quarantine everyone from new York and michighan and other states who had to quarantine got on a plane to not quarantine and booked rooms in florida to vacations. We got money. It is a tourism state and I understand why he did what he did because it would bring more business and more people in Florida would get off of unemployment and government funding and back to work. He is a business man that is how I see it and for people who
  7. I wpukd like overnight stay on an island especially if it is Curacao, Puerto Rico and like Barbados ...i went to Barbados on a cruise during their carnival is was so nice but we had to leave 😞
  8. I miss jis jis . I miss thenall day ice cream and pizza 😭😪
  9. I like how they mention the olant based burgers because on Carnival there is no menu they hide it as if vegans would not be sailing too. I'm not vegan but I do like plant based burgers every so often lol
  10. You two will enjoy your mommy and daughter time because there is places on the ship that is quiet and you can just sip amd she have her virgin drink ...I do that with my toddler she loves it you have all day and night on the ship especially on sea day to bond. The bars doesnt matter it is just the adult comedy and club she will not be able to sit with you.
  11. Oh wow I thought employing people from all over the world was a good idea . love seeing the countries everyone is from and them educating me a little before the rush to work and not chit chat lol. Makes sense.
  12. They have cheers now been getting emails 😆
  13. Yes they will like it. Cookies and snacks they will like and the ice crwam shorter lines and breakfast shorter lines.
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