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  1. Thank you for the review... I'm going in November 16,2019. How was the Havana area crowded?
  2. Thank you so much yeah I didn’t want to go to the ones overcrowded thanks
  3. I want to see the waterfalls and swim there a little if possible anyone can help me out?
  4. Did the gift shop have decent items in there?
  5. I used Expedia I paid yo leave Tampa Saturday July 6th 2 adults and one child and return July 14th booking a not soo good airline was $999 for us . It depends I don’t really too much care for food inn the plane and stuff I just like booking cheap flights since my 4 year old isn’t free anymore haha.
  6. I’ve been doing research and nothing ...so does anyone know if Juan Diego Falls is free but I pay to have a guide get us there? I’ve read many can hike it alone but I have seen that the place can have flash floods . Anyone can help me please?
  7. Yeah, it’s funny the times I’ve been with carnival most people are in bed at 10pm to be well rested for getting off the ship early .
  8. Awww thank you so much for the detail because we live in Florida use to the heat and trails here but I don’t know the land there like hills and stuff and I really want to see nature there’s thank you for naming the other places suitable for little one I really do appreciate the help.
  9. I understand that I didn’t know the land there we live in Florida use to the heat and stuff and hike a lot on nature trails here so I asked it doesn’t hurt to ask when you love nature a lot. I asked and someone even given me a better detail and names of other places for little to do because we do love nature .
  10. I seen on Carnival they have a hike the age minimum is 8 years old but I was wondering can I bring my 5 year old and are there people/companies that advertise for hiking the forest like they advertise sight seeing and beach excursions?
  11. My first time to Barbados as well, the ship departs at 9pm I’m not sure what to do with all that time, are things walking distance like a good 30 mins or less?
  12. Okay island tour I think that would be perfect considering they usually lay a good 2 hours than I can have my toddler in on the ship and we can do like an ATV riding adventure.
  13. Yes, I got excited seeing the email saying linger stay hahaha . I wish they did more islands like that.
  14. Okay, thank you for the info because I was wondering what to do for those hours .
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