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  1. I was on the Bliss recently for the last trip to Mexico. Got off on November 3rd. We did not notice any problems with elevators except after the shows. I too was disappointed that I couldn't find lobster on the ship. I'm not from the East coast where you can get the best lobster in the world. I'm from California and to get the delicious lobster that the East coast folk talk about, you have to go to a pretty nice restaurant and expect to pay a hefty price. That is why my lobster on a cruise has always been the one special dinner treat that I looked forward too. And I might say, that to me, based on what I've had otherwise, cruise ship lobster has always been just fine for me. I would also like to mention that there is a show on the Bliss called "Prohibition". I heard it was pretty good but we cancelled our reservation because it was not a dinner show like we thought. I was surprised based on the $34.99 price tag. On the other NCL ships that we have been on, the Imaginarium and Cirque shows included dinner. Prohibition included drinks, but big deal when more then half the ship had the drink package anyway. As to the cruise in general, we had excellent service in every dining venue and we were satisfied with all our meals. The crew was very friendly and never had to wait for a table, even when we didn't have reservations.
  2. funat55

    Lobster nights

    Just got off the Bliss yesterday and had an amazing cruise. But in response to the topic of this thread, there was no lobster on the entire ship. Not even in the specialty restaurants or for an extra fee. Don't know if it is just the Bliss or all the NCL fleet. I was disappointed but I did not starve lol, plenty of good food. However, my lobster on a cruise is the treat that I missed.
  3. funat55

    Bliss Diversion

    I'm on the Bliss leaving this Saturday October 27th. I have not received any notification that the itinerary will be changed. Frankly, I don't care where the ship goes. My sister got this cruise from gambling a lot, and the port is close to home, so no airfare involved. We already feel like winners. I'm going to pack a couple of warm outfits regardless cause you never know.
  4. funat55

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I'm still waiting to hear on my bid. I'm on the Bliss sailing October 27th. Thought I would have heard something by now. Not expecting them to accept my bid. Ship has been sold out for some time. But it's interesting that they are still offering requests for bids.
  5. funat55

    NCL is heartless!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is just my opinion for what it's worth. I wish there was some sort of in between solution for people who do not buy the insurance. If you are not asking for a refund, then why not let them re-book another cruise and perhaps charge a small fee to compensate the cruise line for their trouble. You often see companies who sell products give a refund when the item is returned but charge a re-stocking fee. It's very likely that someone will grab the cabin that was cancelled and an otherwise loyal customer will continue to maintain their loyalty. If insurance guarantees that you will get a full refund of all your money, then by all means buy insurance. But I find it difficult to believe that the cruise line will lose$$$$$$ if they keep your money and let you take a cruise at some time in the future. They have your money and who knows for how long. I feel the same way about airlines that don't have the same policy that Southwest has. Every time I fly, seems like they are always asking for volunteers to give up their seats on oversold flights. The airlines are more then happy to keep your money if you can't fly and re-sell your seat. The same seat that you are not allowed to sell yourself or even give to another family member.
  6. funat55

    Kids and the drink package

    Don’t worry about the criticism. On the last cruise my son was gambling next to me and ordered a drink (he had the drink package, I did not). Any way the drink turned out to be way too sweet and not to his liking so he gave it to me. There was no problem except with those on the boards that had read about my experience on another post and had suggested that I should have refused the drink or thrown it away. What a waste that would have been and for an isolated incident.
  7. funat55

    Presently cruising on Symphony

    Can you ask the karaoke host if we can bring our own karaoke disks. I have my favorite songs that you rarely find in the ships songbook. thank you
  8. funat55

    My Time Dining Reservations

    Is it necessary to make reservations if you have my time dining? We don't want to have a set time. Can't we just go to the dining room when we feel hungry as long as they are still open?
  9. funat55

    Sagrada Familla - shorts ok?

    I've been watching a lot of videos on youtube and I've seen tons of tourists in shorts at Sagrada Familia.
  10. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I understand what you are going through. I am sailing on the Symphony in July and I have been on the Epic as well as the Oasis so I know a little about what to expect. We were fine with the Epic. Me (grandma) had a studio and daughter and family had a balcony. The only thing weird on Epic are the bathrooms. The sink is actually in the hall and the shower is on one side and the toilet on the other side. The doors are a kind of frosted glass so you can see the shadows of anyone in those rooms. But there is a curtain/partition that you can pull across to separate the bath area from the rest of the cabin. I originally booked the MSC Seaview and then the more I read about the food etc., I changed my mind and switched over to the Symphony. The only thing is that by the time I changed, all the best cabins were sold out or way way out of our price range. We ended up with two Central Park View cabins. Now, a little over a month away, my grandson wants to join us and we have not been able to find an affordable way to bring him along. We have one cabin that only holds two people. I called RCCL to verify that it was truly only two and it was. If we cancel that cabin and rebook another one for three it will cost another $4,000 minimum. Guess the kid will have to come next time.
  11. What does RCCL consider the duration of Inaugural Season? I will be sailing on July 1, 2018. Will that sailing still be part of the Inaugural Season? Will they be offering or selling any mementos that commemorate the Inaugural Season?
  12. funat55

    Suite Classes

    Thank you for providing this valuable information. I never think about "classes". I'm so happy I get to go on a cruise.
  13. funat55

    A few Symphony of the Seas questions

    If there are two boarding days, are there two muster drills?
  14. My cruise is July 1st and entertainment has not opened up.
  15. Another endorsement for Romeinlimo. Used them the first time we did the Western Med and will be using them again in July when we sail on the Symphony of the Seas. We got a great deal by booking three excursions with them and paying in advance. I had no hesitation because of the wonderful service we experienced the first time. It was great to be able to tell our driver "Ok we've seen enough of this sight" and move on to the next sight. Our drivers were also great about taking us to local eateries away from the crowds.