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  1. I used their services in 2018 and plan to use them again next year. I wish I could remember the name of our driver. She was great. We actually used their services to pick us up from the airport, full day tour, ride to the ship and ride from the ship to the airport.
  2. Is Cagneys now ala carte or is it also included in the specialty dining package? If it is included what are you entitled to order off the menu at no charge?
  3. Although I didn't expect it, I was given a full refund of my post cruise hotel in Seattle and airfare. I booked through Expedia and I know that no one had to give me a refund. The air was with Alaska airlines but booked through Expedia. I am very satisfied but in retrospect, I would probably book through a site next time separately for the hotel that has free cancellation. I am happy that you are getting your refund.
  4. Final payment for my Alaska cruise came due during this pandemic. I knew in my heart of hearts that eventually my cruise would be cancelled but if I didn't pay it off, I would not receive a 100% refund. I decided to wait it out and this week I got the email giving me the option to get a future cruise credit or apply for a full refund. So for now, the bank of NCL has my money and when the form becomes available next week I will ask for my refund and then wait 60 to 90 days. By the way, when final payment was due, I was having a banking issue and asked for a one day extension which they denied.
  5. I don't have a problem if they cancel my cruise on the Joy set for June 27th. I'm expecting them to cancel. My problem is that I believe they already know that they are going to cancel and are waiting until who knows when to tell us. I booked my airfare and precruise hotel through Expedia. Does any one know if they are issuing refunds? I don't mind making new plans but let me know the sooner the better.
  6. I was in a similar situation a couple of weeks ago. I ended up making final payment on my June 27th cruise to Alaska on the Joy. The reason for my decision was because I was told that if NCL cancels my cruise I could get a refund (get my money back) or do the future cruise credit. If I had requested a refund before final payment, I would have taken a hit so I spun the wheel feeling fairly confidant that the cruise will be cancelled.
  7. I think the cruise Gods are try to tell me to stay home. It all started last year. Was supposed to go to Cuba and that got cancelled. Then booked a cruise to Japan for this June. That got cancelled. I now have a cruise booked for May 9th to Mexico and another one booked for June 27th to Alaska. Those will probably get cancelled. I have a sister who lives in Virginia Beach and read that the Carnival Magic will be sailing out of Norfolk. That one is on my short list for October next year not this year.
  8. I am prepared for the cruise line to cancel me. I'm holding out to see if it benefits me to cancel rather then for me to cancel. I was previously booked on the Spirit going to Japan and NCL cancelled that cruise and gave me a 10% discount for the trip to Alaska. Our family is willing to wait and see. I once booked a last minute cruise on Carnival 3 days before sailing.
  9. 99% of the time I would totally agree with you because it makes sense. But let me disclose that my TA is also my sister and she knew that I needed a few more days to collect so she was batting for me to get an extension. She was told that if I didn't pay by today, I would be cancelled.
  10. My cruise on the Joy, if I get to go begins in Seattle on June 27th but doesn't arrive in Victoria until July 3rd. Do you think this sailing will be cancelled??
  11. I am currently booked for an Alaskan Cruise on the Joy the end of June. I have my invoice in hand that clearly states "final payment March 29th" So why is it that my travel agent told me yesterday that my final payment is due today???? Apparently they can change the date and ask for the money sooner if they want to. One day notice. (and in case you are wondering, she told me the minute she found out) Really, to come up with over $6,000 when I thought I had until the end of the month. The investment/source of my cruise money is not slated to be released to me until next week, so out comes the credit card. Their agreement is unilateral and one-sided but I've always been willing to abide by their terms and conditions. However, this little rule slipped right by me. So according to the supervisor my TA spoke too, they can indeed change the due date for final payment anytime they want to.
  12. Your pictures are amazing. I was booked on the Spirit for a 9 day cruise to Japan but it got cancelled. Maybe someday I will get another chance to try out the Spirit.
  13. I see that you will be on the Sprit in Japan. So will I leaving July 6. Do you know what airline they will be using. I will be coming from Los Angeles.
  14. I sailed out of New York when she was the Triumph. I really like the mega ships and most recently sailed on the Symphony of the Seas. I thought the Triumph would be too small for me but she was just right. I am sailing to Cuba in December when she will be the Sunrise. With the "extreme makeover" that she is getting, it will feel like a new ship. I hope the Flying Scotsman will still be the cruise director by then. He was supposed to be on the Dream when we sailed a couple years ago, but he was on vacation. Looking forward in any event.
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