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  1. I seem to recall from a post you did last year that we were on a segment of your cruise (Hamburg to Southampton in late June). We had a sheltered balcony on that cruise and loved it the send off from Hamburg was brilliant. We did the Fjords in 2018 on Queen Victoria and think a balcony is a must. I think you’ve made a good cabin choice. We are on a Baltic cruise next June that stops at Hamburg and I can’t wait to see the City again. Finally I think you are too polite apologising for your standard of English. It is far better than my German.
  2. I wonder if Cunard will shift half the passengers from QV onto QE now that are both sat in Southampton and run both in tandem at 50% capacity. Helps that the cabin layouts are nearly identical to avoid upsetting anybody.
  3. A dilemma indeed. Imagine also having that plus waiting for a refund for an earlier cruise that’s already been cancelled. It’s happening and I bet with the amount of regular repeat cruisers who sail on Cunard is going to be very common in the next few months.
  4. No point getting upset. I would probably book a short cruise to get onboard and then book using fcc. In fact we are due on QM2 in November to Bruges so could do that anyway.
  5. I agree and working in the travel industry myself fully sympathise and would happily accept a fcc. What I don’t like though are the terms that Cunard are imposing that means I will be significantly worse off (lose $600 OBC from booking onboard straight away).
  6. I fully agree with you. I wish they’d be a bit flexible and allow either transfer to an already booked cruise or to carry onboard booking benefits across to a new booking. As it stands an fcc puts us at a big financial loss with drop of on board credit. I’m airline staff and think when this is all over, my revised t and c’s of employment will make keeping a house over my head a bigger priority than cruising.
  7. Really enjoying your blog and the humour it brings. We were (but it’s not been cancelled yet) due in the QV in April and your writings are cheering me up.
  8. I really wish they would relax the rules on fcc and let us transfer to an existing booking. I would then move our yet to be cancelled April 16th cruise credit to our Baltic cruise next June and at least Cunard retain my cash. At this rate they will have more fcc than capacity of cruises available in the timeframe they are stipulating.
  9. Thanks for all the useful info people are posting here. I’m certain my April 16th Atlantic Coast adventure will be cancelled and they are doing them in stages to reduce workload on the poor telephone operators. I will go for refund as the 125% fcc isn’t much use with the new booking criteria. Plus I work for an airline and enforced unpaid leave is on the table so the cash will be handy.
  10. We’ve had the email. Both under 70, I do have high blood pressure but my wife has no underlying conditions. Not sure where we stand. Will still sit tight and wait for the inevitable cancellation. I have other battles to fight keeping my job in the airline industry so may not be able to afford any cruises in future.
  11. Our QV trip to Spain on April 16th looks very fragile. I know it’s after the date given in this ban but it doesn’t look optimistic. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.majorcadailybulletin.com/news/international/2020/03/12/63989/spanish-government-bans-cruise-ships.html
  12. yes, they’ve put it in the frequently asked questions
  13. we are also on that voyage and have just spoken to Cunard. We currently have $1100 and they confirmed this will rise to $1700. The cancellation terms aren’t too favourable as we have 2 more cruises booked with them and can’t use fcc against either balance. like you we will sit tight and I suspect if the cruise runs we will be on it. Still a lot can happen.
  14. The only snobbishness I’ve encountered was last year. I won’t say where or when ( in case they are on here) but someone announced on shore that they were very posh and in Princess Grills to another couple who weren’t on the ship. They then proceeded to moan about the $6 shuttle fare and drink prices onboard. We were involved in the conversation and I did say that we didn’t have to pay the $6 shuttle but didn’t use the words “saver fare”
  15. I’ve only done 1 trip on QM2 and that was out of Hamburg last June. The send off and amount of people who turned up to see her off was brilliant.
  16. That’s what I think and hope but someone posted on a Facebook group that they class disembarkation as a full day with drinks package pricing.
  17. Looking at taking the drinks package for our cruise in April. It’s 12 nights, so 13 days with embarkation and disembarkation days included. Will the drinks package be charged at x12 or x13 ?
  18. If memory serves me correctly most cocktails fall below the $12 level. My wife enjoys trying cocktails and we paid as we went last November and are thinking of buying the package for our April cruise. It doesn’t help that Cunard have removed the prices on their on line menus.
  19. I watched the MSC Bellissima programme last night. Very interesting and didn’t realise MSC invented stabilisers.
  20. Thanks for the heads up. Just watched on iPlayer and it was an excellent view.
  21. We always are on the late dinner sitting and enjoy sitting in one of the bars at about 7pm for a pre dinner drink in the lovely calm atmosphere while the ship seems very empty.
  22. The Yacht club at night is where you will find most of the younger clientele gather, especially on the first few nights. Our kids in their early 20’s enjoyed it in there. Is the Fjords one you are looking at a 7 day one? If so there are only 2 sea days and they can be spent enjoying the ambience and exploring the ship.
  23. when we got off our recent Canary island cruise in Southampton, an suit jacket or blazer would have been as useful as a chocolate fireguard. A full rain proof and insulated jacket was required 🙂
  24. I didn’t post on your trip thread but did read it. Thoroughly enjoyable read in my opinion, thank you.
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