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  1. I wish I knew but I have seen from watching the NCL website closely they can show sold out one minute and be back to showing availability the next. I was totally bummed out a couple months ago when a Panama Canal Id been following went sold out but was able to grab a sail away the next day. I’ve also found that working yourself into the booking pages can sometimes ultimately offer a lower price than that on the initial pricing page. Conversely, sometimes higher. It’s an erratic platform.
  2. I completely understand what Sail Away categories entail. My suggestion was that in my mind a “perk” parallels the Webster definition as something given or obtained, a nonmonetary benefit, over and above, not something that is paid for in addition. You pay (perhaps hundreds more) to have the advantage of choosing your stateroom “away from busy public areas, obstructions, it to be close to family”. That’s the benefit of the higher cost, and is something you’ve bought, not a perk.
  3. What I don’t get is the crazy fluctuations in pricing. I’ve been watching a 7 day Alaska in early May. 799 to 999 to unavailable to sold out to 799 to 999. Its crazy that it changes every time I check. I can’t believe interiors are selling out while ocean views and balconies seem wide open. Sometimes I wonder if they don’t start this to push the “watchers” into a panic and get them to pull the trigger. Projecting I know but I got a sloooow trigger finger.
  4. I’ve had inside on the Pearl ( sister ship). 14 comfortable albeit solo days.
  5. On the Breakaway last month Norwegian was putting some of the guest entertainment staff up in the studios ( nice guys). I’ve never traveled studio because I’ve always been able to find a cheaper standard inside solo room. One of the entertainers ( who had his luggage lost enroute to the ship) commented on how small the studio was and suggested all his “stuff” wouldn’t have fit in it had it in fact not been lost. I don’t think he traveled very lightly though. He did mention enjoying a coffee machine or something of the like in the “lounge”.
  6. Looks like balconies are pretty much sold out on your itinerary with the exception of sail away balcony. I’m betting there are some fairly aggressive bidders waiting in the wings to cover those. Just my thoughts after talking to fellow cruisers onboard about their bidding history. I personally don’t bid upgrade jewel class ocean view as I’d be very disappointed to pay extra to potentially have to look out at the lifeboats (obstructed).
  7. When I can get a sail away rate AND a complimentary airline ticket, drink package, specialty dining, shore excursions or WiFi, I’ll be ok with calling it a “perk”, otherwise it’s just something else I’ve paid for in my view.
  8. I knew there had to be a wrench in the plan after securing the cheapest price per night 7 day sailing out of MIA. Oh well. Thanks for the info.
  9. Prices are crazy weekend of Feb 16. Even roadway is over $200. We are at Hilton Garden I think at $230 and it’s now sold out.
  10. Just from the cruise shopping I’ve done I don’t think essentially $750pp for a balcony on Royal for an 8 day is utterly ridiculous but the additional for soda and parking would probably make my head spin and fall off at the shoulders. I personally can drink the free stuff for 7 days... easily, or at least forego it in lieu of the likely unavoidable parking charges. I like to travel cheap though.
  11. I guess I’ll have a chance to modify or revisit my perspective next month when I’m on a 7 day jade. I don’t recall ever being slowed down on promenade on pearl by traffic but then again on that 14 day Panama Canal the average guest age seemed around 110 so perhaps that opened things up a bit. We will see.
  12. Cabin 9756, almost directly over the shuffle board court several decks below but with the balcony door open the clanking was unmistakable and at times relentless. Throw in the cheering and occasional friendly argument...it was at times distracting enough to want to close the door.
  13. I found the waterfront, yes, but if I remember correctly I found the occasional glass wind breaks along the deck to be somewhat “rat mazeish” and since I was looking for a unimpeded walking/exercise route it just didn’t appeal. The designated walking/ running area on the ship was relatively short. I always enjoyed the cooling and kinda brisk wind tunnel adventure effect of the enclosed forward portion of the pearl on promenade. Further, interestingly, for all the hype and glamour shots seen in the promos for the waterfront, nobody really seemed to use it much on my trip. It was always very sparse during the times I visited. But still, who wants sweaty exercise guys walking by while they are trying to eat. Another noticeable difference comes to mind Pearl versus Breakaway. The staff on the Pearl was amazing, ultra friendly and incredibly energetic. The Breakaway crew certainly did their job but really seemed a bit haggard and just kinda “over it”, particularly the general wait staff. I certainly get it. It’s a job that would drive me nuts for sure. I enjoyed both trips but I’m leaning towards bigger isn’t always better when It comes to cruising in my personal perspective.
  14. Did they go below $749? I saw weeks of $749, a few days of $849 then gone.
  15. They are nice indeed, had one (splurged a little) on my last 10 day out of New Orleans but in reality and retrospect I spent little time out there. Loved sleeping with the door open and listening to the ocean sounds but at often double (or more) on fare I’m willing to go cheap and get an entire other cruise. I hear ya though. Big mistake was a balcony right over the shuffle board court. Those clanging pucks weren’t cute after day two.
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