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  1. Yes, Caradara, we are on the May 19 sailing, and am looking forward to it. I've moved it kind of front and center now that our Alaska cruise is over. I'm curious about the excursions and sorry we have to wait to read about them.
  2. I'm revisiting this topic and beginning to focus again on our May 2020 cruise and wondered if Alithcat has finished their cruise and posted a review? Would love to read.
  3. Am I confused? I downloaded the Azamara app, but it appears to only apply for the Pursuit. It that's accurate, no help at all to me on the Quest in July.
  4. BCfisherman2016, I'm interested in hearing about your cell phone experience through Verizon. Hope it all goes well. I'll be on the Quest in July and also have Verizon.
  5. Thanks for all the good info. I'll watch for your review.
  6. Thank you so much for this!! Your itinerary is very similar to ours, but we leave from London and go to Guernsey first. I'm surprised at the shore excursions which seem to be of a similar type as the typical cruise lines. I thought that, with it being an "expedition" cruise the excursions would be a bit more adventurous, maybe zipping around in a zodiac or two. Even thought we might head to Skellig MIchael (during the Skellig Island portion) where the last scene of the Star Wars "The Force Awakens" was filmed ... and was wondering if my old legs could handle the steep stairs to the top! I'll be anxious to hear how your cruise goes. This will be our first on Silverseas and we're trying to learn as much as possible about its particular quirks.
  7. I've just booked a 2020 cruise on Silverseas Silver Cloud Expedition. It's too far out for them to have shore excursions posted so I'm wondering if anyone has taken that cruise and can provide some feedback. Two things that are certain are Cliffs of Moher and Giants Causeway. Because it's an expedition cruise, I know there'll be pretty active excursions planned but am curious what others may have experienced.
  8. We lucked out with Anan after all. I checked around and called a different vendor and was able to book the excursion! Allegedly, the observatory will be added later as a "premium" option for our cruise, but I went ahead and booked directly. I'm excited!
  9. Thanks Don for your recommendation. Have talked to Eric, but looks like it's a no go. He says he has to book through cruise line (and our cruise doesn't offer it) plus he only has 6 slots. I'm bummed about missing it! Appreciate you taking the time to respond though!
  10. Am booked for a July Alaska cruise with a port of call in Wrangell. It appears that it would be easy to arrange a day excursion to the Anan Bear and Wildlife Observatory from there. Has anyone been to the observatory and is it worth the price? Ship will be there all day so plenty of time to see it appears. Any recommendations appreciated.
  11. I agree with checking out the river cruise forum. But, we just got back from an 8 day cruise Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland on Scenic. All-inclusive (and it really really is). Excellence in all areas even though we did have to change ships mid-cruise due to water levels. They made it a breeze to do and we still got to do the Rhine Gorge even though other cruise lines were busing people through that area. They have figured out how to do it!
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