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  1. My opinion comes from a non status cruiser. We cruised on NCL Escape and were pleasantly surprised with food choices and quality. Their dining rooms aren’t large like you find on RCCL mega ships. You are more likely to be seated with just your party. With NCL specialty dining usually included for 3 or 4 nights, you can really have a great dining experience. We didn’t cruise in The Haven, but have now cruised twice in a Grand Suite on RCCL where you have access to Coastal Kitchen. On NCL we certainly felt that we had enough alcohol to satisfy us. If you want a specific brand, you can ask and just be charged the difference. I did that on the Escape, but wasn’t charged. We left it with our tip. I totally agree that more ships should have something like Howl at the Moon. Truly enjoyable. Harmony’s production shows are simply superior, if that’s your thing. After our Escape cruise, we tried to compare the cost with our last balcony cruise on RCCL. The cost was incredibly similar. We’re happy we cruised with NCL and we don’t hesitate to cruise with them again.
  2. Symphony May 2020 day pass is $69. Beach club cabana $1199. Overwater cabana $1499. Crazy pricing, but they’ll probably all be sold out. There’s obviously a decent demand for the cabanas.
  3. Haven’t seen this posted, apologies if everyone already knows. All day Coco Beach Club access is now showing up in our cruise planner for May 2020 Symphony Cruise. Price is $69.00 per adult.
  4. Oops, my bad. I guess a few of us made the same mistake. Moderator, please delete my post.
  5. We’ve stayed in Miami twice before other cruises, to be honest, it just felt like a city. Nothing special other than cruise ships. I’ve seen mixed reviews about airport hotels, so we’ll skip those. If we could afford the Fountainbleu (600) we’d stay there.
  6. We actually looked at that hotel. Price isn’t that important, we just want to be comfortable for one night. And maybe see the sights of Miami Beach.
  7. We won’t be there Memorial Day weekend. Early May. Thanks for the restaurant recommendation!
  8. We just booked Symphony for next May. Airfare is truly crazy expensive! Those of you living within driving distance to the ports, be thankful. We are arriving just one day pre cruise and would love to stay on Miami Beach instead of downtown. It’s just one night, would like to just take a walk, have dinner and sleep. Is it a hassle to/from Miami Beach as opposed to downtown? Any suggestions where to stay? Thanks as always for any suggestions.
  9. Following also. We are new to NCL, also going to Bermuda on Escape in two weeks. Can’t wait to read everything. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I’m sorry for anyone with an itinerary change. Not everyone has been to Nassau dozens of times. For some of us who aren’t constant cruisers, Nassau is still a port to explore. Any port, after many times there, becomes a little boring. We spent a wonderful day on Coco Cay in May while on Harmony. It didn’t have an amusement park feel at all. It felt like a very relaxing pool/beach day. You really don’t need to spend a penny there. It’s your choice. If Royal starts noticing revenue dropping and ships starting to sail at less than full capacity, maybe then they’ll stop changing itineraries. Until then you’re still on a beautiful cruise ship with thousands of new friends.
  11. I wonder how many Suite guests use SL for “free drinks”. I have no data, of course. My suspicion is it’s quite low. Taking away a lounge that’s used as a comfortable gathering place won’t make much of a difference. Taking away or limiting “free drinks” could cause an uproar.
  12. Another great thing about CK, the staff there will remember what you liked during a meal and ask if you want that same thing during your next visit. If it’s on the menu or not. It might be as simple as fruit. We really liked that. The MDR at times is just so rushed for the staff, it’s surprising they have time to refill your water glass. CK staff truly does go that extra length for you.
  13. Since I started this thread, my initial post #1 was not complaining. I loved the cruise. As I stated, we’re hooked on the suite life. I stated, and will continue to state MY observations on what I feel could be improved. This IS, after all, a website called CruiseCritic.
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