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  1. Symphony May 2020 day pass is $69. Beach club cabana $1199. Overwater cabana $1499. Crazy pricing, but they’ll probably all be sold out. There’s obviously a decent demand for the cabanas.
  2. Haven’t seen this posted, apologies if everyone already knows. All day Coco Beach Club access is now showing up in our cruise planner for May 2020 Symphony Cruise. Price is $69.00 per adult.
  3. Oops, my bad. I guess a few of us made the same mistake. Moderator, please delete my post.
  4. We’ve stayed in Miami twice before other cruises, to be honest, it just felt like a city. Nothing special other than cruise ships. I’ve seen mixed reviews about airport hotels, so we’ll skip those. If we could afford the Fountainbleu (600) we’d stay there.
  5. We actually looked at that hotel. Price isn’t that important, we just want to be comfortable for one night. And maybe see the sights of Miami Beach.
  6. We won’t be there Memorial Day weekend. Early May. Thanks for the restaurant recommendation!
  7. We just booked Symphony for next May. Airfare is truly crazy expensive! Those of you living within driving distance to the ports, be thankful. We are arriving just one day pre cruise and would love to stay on Miami Beach instead of downtown. It’s just one night, would like to just take a walk, have dinner and sleep. Is it a hassle to/from Miami Beach as opposed to downtown? Any suggestions where to stay? Thanks as always for any suggestions.
  8. Following also. We are new to NCL, also going to Bermuda on Escape in two weeks. Can’t wait to read everything. Enjoy your cruise!
  9. I’m sorry for anyone with an itinerary change. Not everyone has been to Nassau dozens of times. For some of us who aren’t constant cruisers, Nassau is still a port to explore. Any port, after many times there, becomes a little boring. We spent a wonderful day on Coco Cay in May while on Harmony. It didn’t have an amusement park feel at all. It felt like a very relaxing pool/beach day. You really don’t need to spend a penny there. It’s your choice. If Royal starts noticing revenue dropping and ships starting to sail at less than full capacity, maybe then they’ll stop changing itineraries. Until then you’re still on a beautiful cruise ship with thousands of new friends.
  10. I wonder how many Suite guests use SL for “free drinks”. I have no data, of course. My suspicion is it’s quite low. Taking away a lounge that’s used as a comfortable gathering place won’t make much of a difference. Taking away or limiting “free drinks” could cause an uproar.
  11. Another great thing about CK, the staff there will remember what you liked during a meal and ask if you want that same thing during your next visit. If it’s on the menu or not. It might be as simple as fruit. We really liked that. The MDR at times is just so rushed for the staff, it’s surprising they have time to refill your water glass. CK staff truly does go that extra length for you.
  12. Since I started this thread, my initial post #1 was not complaining. I loved the cruise. As I stated, we’re hooked on the suite life. I stated, and will continue to state MY observations on what I feel could be improved. This IS, after all, a website called CruiseCritic.
  13. Or, they could turn CK into a specialty restaurant. Star gets specialty, it seems a lot of Sky does specialty, so the Pinnacles could still eat there with a Suite guests. Everyone pays for it.
  14. I’ve never blamed Pinnacles for anything other than possibly not permitting (gasp)non Pinnacle Suite guests to join their little clusters. If I recall, a poster here DID do something, while onboard, regarding a few issues. I don’t think that poster was congratulated for doing so.
  15. I don’t know how many Pinnacles we had on our sailing. We were going to the C&A event but dozed off on deck. That event, by the way, ended up being opened to the entire ship. That evening, we overheard a bit of grumbling about that in SL.
  16. True. It also doesn’t say that you won’t be able to use the SL because it’s overcrowded with Pinnacles either, does it? Royal wants the Suite business. They also like the bragging rights they have by saying, look at John and Mary Doe, they like us do much they’ve been cruising with us over 2500 nights. Royal wants both business. With the current SL/CK model, it seems they’ll run out of space. Can everyone share that space? Of course. Can it be shared without the eye rolls, bullying and clustering? Doubtful.
  17. True. We did meet so many retirees and really enjoyed hearing how they chose central Florida. We see The Villages ads here quite often, was interesting to hear about the huge number of very affordable retirement options. Now those love bugs, that’s a different story. The upper tier cruisers and young families will, hopefully, coexist quite well to make a wonderful cruise experience for all.
  18. Harmony concierges last week were Elaine and Cheker. Both were wonderful.
  19. More marketing information directly from Royal’s website for all to see. Q What benefits are included in each Royal Suite Class Tier? SEA Dinner at Coastal Kitchen* Royal Caribbean Classic Bathrobes for Use Onboard Luxury Pillow Top Mattress Luxury Bathroom Amenities by L’Occitane® * Please note, reservations are required for dinner at Coastal Kitchen. Beverages are not included. SKY Concierge Service All Day Access to Coastal Kitchen* Specialty Bottled Water (upon arrival) Complimentary VOOM, The Fastest Internet at Sea † Priority Boarding and Departure Priority Dining Reservations Reserved Seating Area in Select Entertainment Venues Suite Lounge Access (complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails each evening) Access to Suite Sun Deck Exclusive Access to the Barefoot Beach Club** at our Private Destination Labadee® Spa Bathrobes for Use Onboard Luxury Pillow Top Mattress Luxury Bathroom Amenities by L’Occitane® * Please note, reservations are required for dinner. Beverages not included. † Surf + Stream package. One device per person for each guest booked in a Sky suite. Access codes will be provided upon arrival. ** Barefoot Beach cabanas are an additional cost and require reservations. STAR Exclusive Access to Royal Genie Service All Day Access to Coastal Kitchen* Complimentary Specialty Restaurants* (including Chef’s Table and à la carte dining) Complimentary Deluxe Beverage Package (for guests 21 years or older) Complimentary Refreshment Package (for guests under 21 years) Still and Sparkling Water Replenished Daily Complimentary GratuitiesΔ Complimentary VOOM**, The Fastest Internet at Sea Expedited Boarding and Departure Best Seats in the House in Select Entertainment Venues Priority Entrance to Many Onboard Activities†† Suite Lounge Access (complimentary hors d’oeuvres and cocktails each evening) Access to Suite Sun Deck Exclusive Access to the Barefoot Beach ClubΔΔ at our Private Destination Labadee® Complimentary Minibar stocked with Coca-Cola® Beverages and Water Complimentary Laundry and Pressing Services Duxiana® Mattress and Pillows Frette® Linens Luxury Bathroom Amenities by L’Occitane® Spa Bathrobes for Use Onboard Coffee Maker * Please note, reservations are required for dinner. Beverages not included in the Deluxe Beverage Package will be charged to the guest. Δ Complimentary Gratuities benefit applies only to onboard staff who provide standard dining and culinary services, stateroom and general housekeeping services. Star guests may tip their Royal Genie and Concierge separately, at their own discretion. ** Surf + Stream package. One device per person for each guest booked in a Star suite. Access codes will be provided by your Royal Genie. †† Enjoy reduced wait times for select onboard activities during published hours, excluding peak times between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm on Sea Days. ΔΔ Complimentary access to Barefoot Beach. Barefoot Beach cabanas are an additional cost and require reservations.
  20. This is what’s on Royals website for all to see. As part of the Royal Caribbean commitment to creating unforgettable vacation experiences for our guests, we have developed Royal Suite Class — Luxury That’s Anything But Boring. Royal Suite Class is an elevated onboard experience for suite guests, combining the unmatched range of innovative Royal Caribbean suite-category accommodations with superior service, exclusive access and personalization of guests’ cruise experiences. Within its three tiers — Star, Sky and Sea — this program offers exclusive access to lounges and dining venues while onboard, attentive services and additional stateroom amenities.
  21. Those who are regular posters here on CC are most likely not even a blip on Royals radar. Here in the north, Royal’s marketing whether print, digital or broadcast typically shows a young family with children. Harmony is going to attract a huge number of families with children, due to its proximity to the mouse. Many of those families are going to pay dearly for a suite. It’s going to be necessary for those young families to feel just as comfortable in the SL, even if it’s their first cruise, as those who have cruised for decades. This is is where the most experienced cruisers should take the lead, the high road. Hope it happens.
  22. I have a secret to tell. We weren’t Diamond on our cruise. However, we were invited into the DL. We didn’t have a drink, since that was unimportant to us. I can see your point about escaping what is certain to be an increasing number of children. So instead, the families with children will possibly be made to feel unwelcome in a lounge they’ve paid to access. Quite the dilemma.
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