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  1. We did this in December 2019. They offer a number of options after the photo session. All of them were very pricey but the pics were gorgeous. At first we balked at the price but then I was struck by the memory of a friend who was recently widowed and realized that one day those photos might be priceless to one of us. We bought just the digital images of 5 pics and I think it was $500.
  2. There may be some confusion here. The OP is staying in an Edge Villa which comes with complementary specialty dining. Normally, Raw on Five and Sushi on Five are priced ala carte. With the complementary specialty dining that comes with the higher end suites, everything is free. That said, when we were on the Millenium in July 2019, we were in Aqua and bought a specialty dining package on board that allowed us to dine in Sushi on Five for a set price rather than ala carte. I can't recall the pricing but I remember thinking it wasn't much of a money saver.
  3. No restrictions at all regarding what or how many of each thing you can order. We were in an Edge Villa in December 2019 and had a great time trying all of the specialty restaurants on board.
  4. Since you are in a suite, I recommend tea in the Retreat. It's not necessarily "fun", but the little scones with clotted cream and jam are heavenly:). The most fun for us was meeting and hanging out with people who were also enjoying a fabulous vacation.
  5. I don't know if this holds for cruising since reopening, but when I was on the Edge there was a brunch held one of the days in the Bistro. You have to sign up for it on the ship and tickets go fast. The Bistro also serves lunch every day and we actually liked the lunch a little better than the brunch. Also, Raw on 5 was open for lunch on some days. (We were in an upper level suite thanks to MoveUp so we took full advantage of the free specialty dining and ate in every venue at least once.)
  6. There is no helipad on the Edge.
  7. My favorite drink recommendation is a little odd but definitely Celebrity specific - the detox smoothie in the spa cafe. Our butler on the Edge recommended it and after a few days of rich food and a bit more alcohol than I normally consume it was needed. It worked like a champ - my swollen ankles and slight malaise cleared right up. After that it became a daily morning shipboard routine for me.
  8. Congrats and thank you for posting here and in the move-up tracker. We did an Edge Villa after winning a moveup bid back in 2019 and it was fabulous. Coincidentally, our last cruise was also on the Infinity in a Royal Suite. Here's hoping your trip is fantastic as ours was.
  9. There is another recent thread on this topic you might want to read - Sky Suite vs Aqua. I think the prevailing opinion was that Sky suites are worth it depending on the price difference.
  10. Just called "detox". If you go to the spa Cafe, they list the ingredients. I can't remember what was in it but it was delicious.
  11. I don't think it includes Celebrity Suites because they do not come with the 2 bottles of booze, free specialty dining, etc. However, I do know some people have had butlers in SS and CS who will go the extra mile. You can always ask even if the expected answer is "no".
  12. Wow, that's great to know that there are some solo rates on celebrity. What sailing was that? We'd like to take a cruise with our housemate who would be traveling solo, but I haven't found the right "fit" for itinerary, timing, and pricing.
  13. I agree, the only reason to even consider "simply sail" is if you are traveling solo. In that case it might be cheaper to do the no-perks fare and then get what you want ala carte since solo cruisers have to pay for 2 of everything under the AI.
  14. I'm booked for the 10/24 and 10/28 Apex cruises and am seeing (or not seeing) the same thing in my cruise planner. I had been booked for the Equinox 3nt in October and it was either blank or they had excursions for ports we weren't visiting. My guess is that since these short cruises are recent additions they haven't had a chance to map out what will be available. We are also following the same plan you are, we may get off in Cozumel if there is an interesting excursion but plan on staying aboard for Nassau. We booked the cruises for the ship, not for the ports.
  15. When we were on the Infinity in December, we were in a royal suite and became friends a couple in the penthouse suite. They invited us to have cocktails and watch the sailaway with them on their balcony. We expected to BYOB our cocktails from one of the ship bars but our butler (who was also assigned to them) asked us what we would like to have and made sure it was delivered to the PS at the appropriate time along with the cheese, fruit, and shrimp the other couple requested. We haven't had single glasses of champagne but we have had bottles of bubbly (not the expensive stuff) delivered to our
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