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  1. So very sorry you got caught by this at all but worse since it was mid-trip to FLL.
  2. My sincere condolences to all who just had their cruises cancelled. I am not among those effected, but can only imagine your distress.
  3. It has been wonderful to read the reports of someone who loved their Edge experience as much as I did. Also, it has been gratifying and inspiring to read about your solo travels. Bravo!
  4. We were contacted a week before our 5nt Infinity cruise in December. This made things difficult because we were on the Edge at the time. Regardless, I responded the day before the cruise and things were as we requested when we arrived.
  5. Yes, it all went away. Not sure if it would work for everyone since there are a number of possible causes for the swelling, but it's worth trying.
  6. Yes, this comes from the aqua spa cafe. After a few days on Edge, my ankles were severely swollen. I tried the smoothie for a hangover remedy and it helped that but also took care of my ankle issue. I also liked the taste:).
  7. We did aqua on Millenium last year in July. We loved using the thermal suite to warm up on chilly days.
  8. Another little known suite benefit we enjoyed was having our butler set up nibbles for us to serve guests we were entertaining in our suite - including a party of 13 when we were in an edge villa. When we were invited to cocktails in a penthouse suite on infinity, the butler got our cocktail order in advance so it was waiting for us when we arrived in the suite. No charge for the food or drinks (although getting free bar service probably is reserved for the upper level suites - or at your butler's discretion). Also, it isn't just coffee that you can get delivered. We had butler bri
  9. I'm really enjoying your blog. I know how hard it is to keep up with a live blog because I did one in December but only got 4 days of posting in because of all the distractions. Congrats on spoiling yourself with a bracelet, I loved the prism style too. One note, if you paid over $800 (and it was not made in US with receipts to prove it) you will need to declare it on your customs form. In December, the onboard shops reported to US customs all of the purchases and passengers were pulled by customs officials as they were getting off the ship. The shops on the ship won't warn you abo
  10. I know on my Edge cruise in December the minimum bids reported for Edge Villas were different and I think that reflected the price each of us paid for our original cabin.
  11. Also, the premium beverage package only covers drinks up to $15. If the drink is more than that you pay the difference plus 20% gratuity.
  12. The food in the rooftop garden was good, but not worth the upcharge IMO. I was in a suite that included specialty dining so we tried them all. Eden, Finecut, and Raw on 5 were outstanding and I would feel they were worth the extra money.
  13. Yay for you and the skydiving! I have to admit, when you were being sly about your Key West plans I thought you might be going to the clothing optional bar <g>.
  14. Thank you for the pics. It looks like it would be perfect for one person. I like that the bed is not just a single. One woman we talked to on the Edge was irate about not having any drawers in the room but it looks like the shelving would work just fine if it were me.
  15. We did this on the Millenium in July. We were able to pay for just the workshop without getting the glasses (although they offered the glasses at a "discount"). There was just one other couple doing the tasting with us so we got very personal attention and we really enjoyed the experience. It really is amazing how different the wines taste in different glasses.
  16. I can also attest to the amount of public open seating on deck 16. We had an Edge Villa with entrances onto deck 15 and 16. We often used the exit on deck 16 through the retreat because it was the easiest access to the smoking area between deck 14 and 15. I don't recall this area ever being very populated.
  17. I sailed on Edge the second week of December and Infinity the 3rd week and didn't notice any Christmas music. A few christmas but no accompanying sound.
  18. Great blog! I haven't sailed on an "S" class ship yet so this was really helpful (and entertaining).
  19. We were on Infinity in December and ate at sushi on 5 several times. The service and food was lovely as always.
  20. We were in a royal suite on Infinity in December right after we came off of being in an Edge Villa on the Edge. Infinity did not have the frette robes - monogrammed or otherwise. I don't know if they come in children sizes, but I am 5'0" and was happily surprised to find that mine fit. Having read posts on this board, I knew ahead of time to leave extra space in my luggage for them. DH and I love ours and it is another great reminder of a spectacular vacation.
  21. We usually tip our butler and room attendant $100 each at the end of the cruise. One cruise our room attendant in aqua class disappeared after the third day and we were shuffled around with substitutes for the remaining days so we did not leave a tip there. We have given $10-20 at the end of the cruise to bartenders and wait staff who gave us personalized service. I am a smoker and if I see one crew member consistently cleaning that area for the cruise then I will make sure to tip them $20 at the end of the cruise. I also tip $20 mid-way through the cruise if there is a crew member consistentl
  22. Looking forward to your review. I started a semi-live blog for my trip in December and I still need to finish it out. If you can work something out with the chef at Eden I *highly* recommend the experience. If you want some "entertainment" during the meal, ask for a table where you can see the kitchen. If you can't work out an appetizing menu for Eden, I also highly recommend FineCut for a special dinner - I am still dreaming about the mint sauce for the lamb. The only dining experience we did not try on our cruise was dinner on the magic carpet - and after hearing about it we were so glad we
  23. In an RS suite on Infinity right now. We requested and have received a detox smoothie every morning. I wasn't sure we could get this because the spa cafe is farther away than any of the restaurants but our butler didn't bat an eye. We also have our desserts sent to our room after dinner. This was never a problem both times on Infinity, but we received a little pushback from restaurant staff on Edge when we were in a villa and they finally agreed to contact our butler who delivered it happily. Our butler on Edge only had 6 suites to service while our butler on Infinity has 13 to 18. So, as ofte
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