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  1. Yes, we are sailing Edge on 12/8 in an SS. We also just added to that trip, sailing Infinity on 12/16 in an RS. The cruise planner for the 12/16 cruise has drink and more but shows full price. Since we are in RS for that cruise I didn't bother getting it corrected because we will already have most of the perks from that package.
  2. I also had the premium package as a perk but was able to buy just the upgrade to drinks and more. Initially, my cruise planner was not reflecting my drink package perk and wanted me to pay full price for drinks and more. An email to my TA and 2 calls on her part to celebrity fixed that and the upgrade option finally showed up.
  3. Thanks for taking us on your vacation. I'm sailing Edge 12/08 and really looking forward to it. I'm happy to hear Arsim is on Edge. We had him last year on Infinity for our very 1st cruise and we definitely felt pampered. I don't know if we would get him in December because we'll be in a sky suite (although I've got bids in for upgrades so who knows). I'm curious, do you think the celebrity suite is worth the extra money over a sky suite even though you don't get the free specialty dining and other high end suite amenities?
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