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  1. I wonder if anybody would be willing to give a brief description of what their day in a cabana was like? Maybe a pros and cons of renting one for the day? (Thank you in advance)
  2. It seems as though it simply is not a private area. The cabanas are close in proximity to one another and there are people walking by (at least for now). How are you enjoying the cabana (besides the privacy issue) ? Service? Food? Drinks? Comfort?
  3. I am not sure what you mean by "free standing"? Do you mean that they are essentially connected to the cabana beside them?
  4. I will trade you for my Deluxe Inside Stateroom.
  5. I checked my Cruise Planner and it seems that the only thing discounted is the Shore Excursions. Is this normal?
  6. If I was paying some of those prices, I would be absolutely loaded the entire cruise to try to get my money's worth!
  7. Will the 1/2 Cabana and Full Cabana receive the same items included? Both will receive one bottle and 6 beers ? Seems a bit silly to me!
  8. Has anybody seen photos or videos of the OceanView and Inside staterooms?
  9. I have slept on many couch-beds before and would say that trundles are more comfortable generally speaking.
  10. One thing I have not seen much discussion about is the casino. While I do not plan to spend a bunch of time there, I am curious about it. Does anybody know anything about it? I have seen only a couple pictures and that's it
  11. Quick question....Have you been to Valetta Malta before? Any recommendations for a day there?
  12. You could always guide some of those belongings into the ocean.....
  13. It does look relaxed, but it also looks like there are not nearly enough chairs near the pool.....hmm......I may have to wake up early and then just fall asleep on a pool chair
  14. Thanks for posting the photos. I have to ask a question that has been bugging me for weeks. On the main pool deck there is a massive ...... "screen"? Does anybody know the purpose of that thing? It does not look like a typical screen capable of playing typical videos.
  15. Haha! I paid in USD and it made my money go much more quickly! Still astounded by the price that some people can afford to pay
  16. Haha, out of curiosity I checked the price for it.....I am pretty sure it is about 10X the cost of the room I am paying for. Maybe if I win the lottery...
  17. That edge villa looks incredible! Maybe one day....
  18. What exactly could you do at a Fireball "tasting"? It seems like it would take about 5 seconds from start to finish.
  19. Question for everybody: Which food item are you most excited to try on the Edge? (or which meal?) For me, it is the "Beef Tenderloin En Croute" in the Normandie restaurant.
  20. Do most people that cruise frequently wait until the very end to book their trips then? It seems like this would guarantee you the lowest rates.
  21. I have never been on a Celebrity cruise before. Can somebody tell me what purpose the "Le Grand Bistro" serves during the morning and at lunch? I know it is a "specialty restaurant" during dinner time? TIA
  22. Is it against the rules to post the exact prices available and where they can be found?
  23. 2300 drink packages! Wow! That is a very high percentage of the guests. Which package do you typically get? Thanks for posting all of this! Enjoy!
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