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  1. Same^ I have been very surprised reading through these threads. To me, the ship looks amazing and I feel very fortunate to be able to board it in the future. ChicagoPaul has some good advice in his thread on the main board for those that are getting upset
  2. I booked through a TA and paid almost exactly 50% of the price that was listed on Celebrity's website. Feel pretty happy about it
  3. Hello All, My SO and I love to fish. I am wondering if anybody knows anything about a fishing charter in any of the Greek island ports or in Rome, Sicily or Naples. TIA
  4. Hello everybody, I am looking for some advice from more experienced cruisers and would appreciate any clarification/recommendations. I really have looked elsewhere for this information, but am not clear on a few things. I am currently booked on an 11-nighter with my SO. We currently have a Standard 8:30pm dining time. We would like to try each of the MDR restaurants and likely won't visit a specialty restaurant more than once. 1) Do you think that we should switch to the more flexibile "Select Plus" option? Will we have to wait in lines and if so, approximately how long? 2) Do you think that if we keep our 8:30 time we will be able to eat at the other restaurants with ease? OR will this be a big hassle to make other arrangements? 3) If we stay with the 8:30 dining, will we miss out on all the shows and events that will be taking place at night? Thank you for any of your thoughts or opinions - we are noob cruisers having only been on a couple before.
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