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  1. I find food quality differs tremendously from ship to ship. I’ve been on NCL ships where the food was wonderful, from Buffets, MDRs, and specialty restaurants. I’ve also been on ships where the food has been mediocre. We were on the Escape on the 9/1/19 sailing & 9/8/19 sailing. Moderno was really good the first sailing. All meats were really rare but tasty. The second sailing, meats were more well done but service was terrible and it took so long to eat. I’d decline Moderno if I was paying out of pocket. Doing B2B Cruises, we tried all the specialty restaurants. Some of them more than once. If I was paying out of pocket, I’d suggest Cagney’s, Le Bistro & Bayamo. Those were the best, we found, on the Escape. Have a great cruise!
  2. Hahahaha...that last line made me laugh! Fantastic! That cruise was by FAR the strangest cruise I had ever been on. I neglected to mention 6 people also died on that cruise. I'm hoping others who were on the cruise see this post & respond as well. Fortunately, 4 cruises since that one & I realize that was just an unfortunate sailing. And i I got slaughtered in the casino! We are CAS cruisers. Thank you for the laugh. I hope we meet someday on the high seas.
  3. Glad you had the lovely cruise! Welcome back to cruising. I love the Dawn. I'm a BIG Richard Matic fan who has been/is the CD on the Dawn. He was on the Jade in November 2018 when I went on the Dawn & his leadership was so impressive & all his staff clearly loved him. When I was on the Dawn in February it was Richard as CD & Luz as Asst Luz. Both were lovely & everywhere. They made the cruise more fun. A lot of people complained about the service in O'Sheehans. It was extremely slow & seemed that the staff was irritated because they were either short staffed or there were problems in the kitchen. Orders were placed & 30 minutes would go by without a drink or food. People complained & just got up & left. After two experiences like that we avoided O'Sheehans for the rest of the cruise which is unfortunate because we are gamblers & tend to skip dinner if we are on a winning streak leaving us unfed until breakfast.
  4. We were on the Breakaway in December 2019. All of a sudden the cruise director kept emphazing A LOT to wash your hands. Next day all bathroom doors were left opened & all condiments disappeared. 3rd day paper menus that were thrown out after you touched them. 4th day all restaurant staff were wearing rubber gloves. We found out they quarantined a whole floor of passengers for 3 days. Staff had it too. They disengaged your card. You were quarantined with your whole cabin whether you are sick or not. Understand the precautions taken, but it seems silly that they don't make a public announcement so that people use more caution. Every day you're provided more clues that norovirus has hit your ship. Now we know how to recognize the clues. There was also a flasher on that cruise that we reported to security & staff numerous times. Nothing was ever done. On day 9 of an 11 day cruise one woman suggested we demand an audience with the captain or threaten to go to the press once we disembarked. We all decided deck 16 was the safest place to avoid him because as much as we were aware of him he started to avoid us knowing we were all on 16. Day 10, on deck 16, a smoking area, a man tells me a story of how a man attacked him by the pool by grabbing his private parts & he was having a cigerette to kind of de stress from the whole ordeal. When he was attacked his 1st reaction was the throw the man up against the wall & grab him by the throat. Several men ran to his defense. The victims defense. Security was called and the man was immediately taken away & the man was shocked no questions were asked of him. I laughed & said did the man look like this (describing the flasher) and he said yes! I said security was well aware of him for the past 10 days. At least 20 people a day complained about him. He has been flashing people by the pool for the past 10 days & we were terrified he would enter a bathroom with a child present. One lady is about to start a mutiny. Thank god they finally got him. Although you could argue if they had taken it serious you're unfortunate incident would have been avoided & the security of passengers would have been enforced. I know people might suggest that security & staff would have to witness the flashing themselves before doing anything. The truth is if security or staff watched him for more than 15 minutes they could have witnessed it themselves. Many times, over 10 days, when he repeatedly proceeded to flash passengers. He did, as the days progressed, tend to change shirt s & bathing suits several times during the day. As he got smarter we got smarter too & would report to each other his various outfit changes & what color he was now wearing so we could warn other passengers.
  5. Late night movies showing in the Atrium also repeat on your movie channel. Although it is nice to sit & relax in the Atrium with a beverage in their comfy chairs. Just bring a jacket or sweatshirt! It gets chilly! Enjoy your cruise! Breakaway is a nice ship.
  6. Not true. They do show movies on the 16th floor. We went a week before Christmas & they showed The Grinch, Elf, every Christmasy movie you can imagine for 11 days. It's amazing watching a movie up there. Most of the parties do occur up on the 16th floor but they end relatively earlier &/or are moved to the Bliss lounge.
  7. That's a hard question to answer. They use a whole formula to determine your compensation. It's based on how much money you spent, how many days & hours each day, etc. It's hard to understand by what standards they are using.
  8. I don't think any of us that go as CAS guests are expecting to win big on the ships. We all hope we end up with more money in our pockets or break even knowing we'll have another comped cruise after our play. At one time or another we have all won. Just like at the land based casinos. The fact is we enjoy gambling. What's nice about CAS gamblers is you spend a lengthy amount of time gambling with the same people over several days or weeks. Friendships develop & you'll run into those same people on other cruises.
  9. I was on the Breakaway in December 2018. The Bliss Lounge is pretty small considering the size of ship. It's next to the non smoking side of the casino. A lot of the late night theme parties were moved from Deck 16 to the Bliss because of high winds. It's basically a nightclub with a DJ. It's starts to fill up around 10:30pm & stayed opened till 2am or 3am. It's definitely not as big as Spinaker.
  10. Thank you KitKat. It's only a $100 deposit at this point so I'm thinking I might just cancel completely. Thank you also for mentioning cancel for any reason insurance. I didn't even know such a thing existed. I'll keep looking at Cuba board but I think it's a safer bet to just chose another itinerary. Cuba was the only port I was interested in because I've been to the other places numerous times.
  11. I just put a deposit on a 7 day cruise leaving from Miami on NCL Sun (Great Stir Up Caye, Key West, overnight Cuba & Cozemel) in October 2019. I've been all those places before & am going because I want to see Cuba. Now I'm reading about Cuba & the possibility that Americans that are tourists will be denied entry to Cuba in the not so distant future. Does any one have any information on this? I'm going to switch to another cruise if there's validity to this or maybe try an earlier Cuba cruise. Any available info would be greatly appreciated.
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