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  1. Thanks for your quick reply! We’re on the Breakaway in November & I really like Alvin so that’s great news! Thank you!
  2. Is anyone currently on the Breakaway that can tell me who’s the cruise director? Thanks in advance.
  3. There’s really not that much to do in Nassau even in the best of times. We were just there last week and with the exception of large resorts and the fish fry, most things are closed and have been closed since March 2020. They predicted some things would reopen in time for cruising. I’m positive that means ALL of the jewelry stores downtown but I fear there will still be a lot of things that don’t open. The island is very limited with vaccines. Having said that, even though it’s expensive, if you ever wanted to visit Atlantis now is the time! It’s practically empty! No lines, no crowds! We’ve been to Atlantis 6 times & last week was most definitely the best time we’ve ever had. Everyone loves Atlantis but the biggest complaint is too expensive & too crowded. The expense is still there but the crowds are non existent! It was fantastic. And during recovery from COVID, you’ll really enjoy it because I’d venture to guess it’s at 20-25% capacity right now. If you chose that option you won’t regret it.
  4. As promised, just returned home from the Bahamas, and giving an update about traveling to/from Bahamas. As of today, COVID tests aren’t required to travel to Bahamas anymore if you can prove you have been vaccinated & it’s been longer than 2 weeks since your 2nd vaccine. However, we did have a PCR test done prior to our trip to apply for Bahamas Health Visa and Atlantis did the COVID antigen test to leave the Bahamas. You can also get an antigen test at the airport for $20. Results take 30 minutes. You’re required to complete a COVID questionnaire every day you are on the island. It’s 6 questions & very easy. We were required to show our Bahamas Health Visa & COVID status leaving the USA upon airline check line, at entry to the Bahamas, and when checking into our hotel. Bahamas was similar to NYC in its COVID protocols; temperature checks entering hotels, mandatory masks, and social distancing. We stayed at Atlantis and the only thing I noticed that was different from the USA was the casino. There wasn’t plexiglass separating people at game tables and every slot machine was opened as opposed to every other one in USA. I wanted to see if they revamped their cruise port for all the anticipated passengers that will be embarking in the near future but it’s exactly the same. No modifications have been made. Also of note, ALL downtown shops & restaurants are presently closed. The straw market hasn’t been opened since Mid March 2020. Our driver said he heard Senior Frogs will open for cruise passengers but he wasn’t sure how many businesses will open this summer. The fish fry was mostly closed with the exception of 2 or 3 places opened. The water park at Atlantis is on an alternating day schedule but I was told on weekends all the rides are fully opened. The one thing I did notice is everything is almost double-triple the price from years past. The COVID vaccines are slowly becoming available to the population but right now only people 65 or older are permitted to get vaccinated.
  5. I’m Tuesday for a Sunday. The health Visa won’t be issued until you get & submit your results. You need health visa to get into country as well as your neg CV-19 test results.
  6. I definitely will. 😃I’m not worried about going there. I’m vaccinated, got tested today, applied for their health visa. But I’m nervous about getting back to USA.
  7. It has been updated. I’m going to Atlantis in the Bahamas on Sunday.
  8. I’m fully vaccinated for health reasons but I know several people (30 personally) that don’t trust the vaccine/government & begrudgingly got vaccinated simply for travel. If there’s more like minded people in the USA, smart move CDC!! You can’t get enough people vaccinated as it is, now you lost another cohort of those willing to vaccinate for travel.
  9. What about the people that naturally run a low grade fever? And that’s part of their everyday lives due to an underlying benign condition?
  10. What was the was the explanation given? And if 1 cruise line has made that decision you know the rest will follow. We’re 20 days out until April 11. Do you envision Us all getting back to normal in 20 days?
  11. Yes his vlog was posted before my comment. How else would I know what they had instructed RC employees?! They are sending crew home. In waves. That’s approximately 1500 employees that need travel arrangements arranged by Royal Carribean. I’m sure with countries announcing they are closing borders & most enforcing a 14 quarantine when you enter your own country all travel & cruising will cease to exist for some time. Just my opinion. But this is going to get worse before it gets better.
  12. Crews are officially being sent home. Starting this week. Contracts cancelled. Google Christopher Wong vlogs. He’s a RC employee. He’s on one of the “of the seas” ships. He’s been vlogging every day. All crew was told everyone is being sent home to their own countries.
  13. I’m on the June 8th Alaska Cruise. Doing a B2B. Today I received all the excursion offers via an email from NCL. I don’t think anyone has any clue about anything. And that includes NCL executives. Tomorrow I was supposed to start a B2B on the Dawn. Last week I was also sent an email regarding bidding for a better room. Since they cancelled cruises for 30 days on 3/14/20 I’ve received emails for upgrades on that cruise twice. RC is sending all their employees home starting next week. Contracts over. They have been told They will be home for at least 12-15 weeks. We have a RC cruise scheduled for end of October. I’m hoping there’s a tiny possibility that that one actually happens. Eventually we will all cruise again! In the meanwhile, everyone please be safe & stay healthy. Surreal times.
  14. Yes. Google Christopher Wong vlogs. He’s currently on a RC cruise & has been vloging daily regarding what crew has been doing since Trump made his call. Watch his vlogs. So interesting.
  15. We were scheduled to do B2B on the Dawn starting 3/23. We received the email stating all cruises cancelled on 3/14. We have had 2 offers since cruise cancelled to upgrade. Last October & November, we did NCL Joy LA to NYC. They cancelled Costa Rica & substituted Acapulco... a Level 4 warning. I don’t think NCL cares. Employees currently on ships who thought they would just be without passengers for 30 days & then resume as normal have now been told they are being sent home for 12-15 weeks. Contracts ended. I don’t think any of us will be cruising in the near future. But when we’re back on the high seas I hope it’s all of us happy & healthy & loving it more than ever before. Be safe.
  16. I find food quality differs tremendously from ship to ship. I’ve been on NCL ships where the food was wonderful, from Buffets, MDRs, and specialty restaurants. I’ve also been on ships where the food has been mediocre. We were on the Escape on the 9/1/19 sailing & 9/8/19 sailing. Moderno was really good the first sailing. All meats were really rare but tasty. The second sailing, meats were more well done but service was terrible and it took so long to eat. I’d decline Moderno if I was paying out of pocket. Doing B2B Cruises, we tried all the specialty restaurants. Some of them more than once. If I was paying out of pocket, I’d suggest Cagney’s, Le Bistro & Bayamo. Those were the best, we found, on the Escape. Have a great cruise!
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