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  1. Just booked An6hem for next April. Does anyone know what Royal expects crowd levels to be by next April?
  2. When did rcl add the Category? And does anyone know what former category inside especially deck 13 fwd? We have 2 inside connected cabins on the Anthem. Trying to figure out the layout of the room.
  3. Looking to hook up my laptop to the in room TV. Via HDMI. Does Carnival allow this?
  4. Anyone else disturbed by two adults maxing out the cheers beverage limit every day while caring for a 5 yo? DYFUS HELLO!
  5. If this is an issue. Going on a cruise is obviously going to cause extreme stress. what would be the point in going. Do something else you feel more comfortable doing at this time.
  6. I definitely understand the OP’s concern especially now since cases are in the rise again and will prob cause a backlog in PCR testing. I sure hope someone high up at CCL is reading these posts.
  7. Crisis averted. Got the copy of the Marriage license. Printer server was down. They will call me when it’s ready to be picked up.
  8. Found the birth certificate. Just need a copy of the marriage license. Unfortunately it was destroyed years ago by water damage. Never had a need to replace it.
  9. OMG - I screwed up… i thought our passports expire in 2022. THEY BOTH ARE NOW EXPIRED. Anyone know what to do? can we get expedited passports if we are willing to pay for the service? HELP ME BEFORE MY WIFE KILLS ME….
  10. For two weeks trying to book a few specific restaurants for our Horizon cruise. only Ji Ji & steakhouse comes up. Carnival was no help. Anyone else see that online?
  11. Thank you all for your input. I will show her this thread tonight and discuss. Hopefully she will come around. Myself and the kids really want this trip to go on as scheduled.
  12. Thats almost exactly what I said to my wife last night. The kids play sports, and are back to a (more normal) active life. However, oddly enough my oldest was grounded the other day, so he is pretty much locked in his room. My wife is not usually an alarmist. But in this situation it has more to do with 4k people in a relatively confined space. And she is claustrophobic. Perhaps that plays a roll in this.
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