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  1. We were looking at another MSC cruise and wanted to make sure the YC Private Dining was available on the following ships: Splendida, Meraviglia and Preziosa? Does anyone know? We loved the Bellissima and I know it is a newer ship, but how do the do these 3 compare as far as service and ambiance of the ship? Any helps would be appreciated.
  2. We just sailed on the Bellissima in June. We have cruised Celebrity many times, but the price difference pushed us into the YC with zero regrets. I know food is subjective, but the food on X is better. We are foodies, but the YC and specialty restaurants were good, and kept us very happy. The service and overall experience beat X’s suite service more than X beat MSC’s food. The overall YC experience was the best overall service we have had on a cruise. So much so we booked a 14 day in 2020. Looking outside the YC...imo, it would not be a very good cruise. Would not consider this outside the YC especially if you are a former X cruiser.
  3. We called MSC today. We are going to be in the YC. We got right through to one of the most gracious representatives of any cruise line we have spoken with. Our experience was outstanding.
  4. That helps a great deal. Thank you
  5. For those of you who have purchased the Dining Experience plan, is there a big difference between that menu and the A la Carte menu? I don’t want to buy the plan and see several things better on the regular menu. Any insight?
  6. Chade5772

    YC beds

    Are the beds queen or king in YC when put together?
  7. Do they blast announcements in your room on MSC? Or can you turn them down/off or are they through the tv?
  8. We were booked on the Celebrity Edge and cancelled for the BELLISSIMA. We are in our mid 40’s and primarily go on Celebrity, but have gone on several cruises with Carnaval, RC, HAL. While I am booked but not sailed with MSC, from the research I have done the Yacht Club will be a top tier experience, below that level from all evidence I have seen the experience woul be a let down. But for price, if this is as good as many former Celebrity guest have said—MSC May be our new “go to” line.
  9. Based on the sister ship of the Bellissima , is the casino smoking or Nonsmoking? How large is it? Craps table? In general what is the smoking policy on MSC?
  10. Have you guys visited any of these ports? What other cruise lines have you been on?
  11. Have you guys visited any of these ports? What other cruise lines have you been on?
  12. We sail on leave port out of Barcelona on May 24th. Home for us was Warner Robins, Ga, but we now live right outside of Memphis. We are so excited!! Have you sailed on MSC before?
  13. My wife and I are booked in May in the YC on this ship!
  14. Chade5772

    YC drinks

    If you are in the YC do you need a drink package?
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