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    Review of Fertours 2 Havana First, this company does meet the necessary requirements for a private tour of Cuba. We were traveling Royal Caribbean and check the 2nd box On the Cuba Tour Form. The review is a cut-and-paste review that I posted to trip advisor. This company did a great job setting up a tour for my friends and I. We were on a cruise that only docked in Havana for several hours and we had 2 groups going at different times. They coordinated all of this very well. My friends left about 2 hours ahead of me and went on a 2-hour tour via classic car. They were all very pleased with that part of the tour… The guide (her name was Zulia), driver, destinations, etc... Following that, she brought them back around to meet me for a three-hour walking tour of old Havana. I am in a power wheelchair, which I explained to Fernando over the phone. The buildings in old Havana are largely inaccessible. Most have steps and the streets are very bumpy. But, I expected this. And, I feel like Fernando and Zulia did a very good job of planning a tour that allowed me to see as much as possible. She was very knowledgeable, a pleasure to deal with, and she had a very clever sense of humor. We toured the 4 squares in Havana and they arranged for us to have lunch. Street musicians played while we ate and encouraged us to dance. That added to an overall fun experience. Overall, I would recommend this tour company without question. They provided exactly what I asked for and made recommendations when necessary. We were able to embrace the history of Cuba while having a truly enjoyable visit.
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