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  1. Does Koningsdam have set Gala Nights, we cant find anything on the HA website relating to them? We want to book speciality dining but dont want it to clash with these nights. Also what do we need to wear, is it formal or is a casual jacket and collared shirt okay? Once again thanks in advance.
  2. yes 24th, not sure what a roll call is? Sorry don't understand the lingo!
  3. Hello we are 1st time cruisers from the UK and looking forward to our cruise to ABC Islands on MS Koningsdam in February. We have never cruised before so any tips, hacks or suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance.
  4. We have booked our first cruise next month with Holland America. Our Virgin flights were booked separately and the flight times have now been brought forward to 12pm departure. The cruise is scheduled to arrive at 7am and we want to know if it is possible to arrange disembark first to ensure we catch our flight? We dont mind taking our own luggage off the ship and can arrange a cab direct from the port to Miami airport. Any advice much appreciated.
  5. We are first timers and very much looking forward to our Cruise to the ABC Islands and Southern Caribbean on 24th Feb. Not too sure what clothes to take, we normally like to travel light. Does it get very cold in the evenings or is the air conditioning onboard always on full, my wife doesn't like being cold! Also what sort of dress code is it on the MS Koningsdam? Do we need a dinner suit or is it less formal than that? Any advice welcome.
  6. We have booked a 10 day Caribbean Cruise with Holland America for the end of February 2019. The drinks package is and option but not sure if its worth it. Adds about £850 onto the trip and only covers drinks unto $8 each. We would normally enjoy a bottle of wine and a couple of G & T's each per night, is it worth it? Many thanks in advance.
  7. Thank you everybody for your help, we have booked a Southern Caribbean trip inc ABC Islands with Holland America. 😎
  8. We are first time cruisers and plan on visiting the Caribbean January / February. Can someone advise on the best area to visit for better weather, North South, East or West? Any other tips would be much appreciated. We are late 40s couple who enjoy good food and wine. We have no experience of the different cruise lines and are finding it all a bit overwhelming! Many thanks in advance.
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