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  1. Thank you fun173!! Do you suggest that we put the wine in our checked luggage or keep it with us to present at embarkation? I would prefer to have the luggage delivered to our cabin and not have to pick it up from security. Many thanks!!
  2. O'Sheeahn's is open 24/7. The following link lists all of the Escape's complimentary dining venues- note the clause for room service. Enjoy! https://www.ncl.com/ca/en/cruise-ship/escape/whats-on-board?cid=PS_TSI_NA_NA_GOO_LEN_NA_NA_%2Bncl %2Bescape_kwd-76841161498-SL-What%27s On Board%3F_&kshid=_k_EAIaIQobChMI2IO0xrfm4QIVjcJkCh3RfwHrEAAYASADEgJo2fD_BwE_k_&kwid=4723936&anchor=&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2IO0xrfm4QIVjcJkCh3RfwHrEAAYASADEgJo2fD_BwE#whats-on-board
  3. Wow, ouch! Us too. Our ta is never in the office and completely clueless. Of course you can't deal direct with NCL once the booking is handled by a ta. I learned the hard way. The puny bonuses the agency threw in were so not worth the hassle. Never again. The direct booking experiences have absolutely been more pleasant and productive. Yar, better days ahead mateys ☠
  4. Thanks for the 411 Philly!! We'll be sure to order the lobster ravioli 😍.
  5. Celebrity specialty dining - very impressive! Have fun, wear loose pants 🤣
  6. Last time we went to Alaska we had an inside cabin. We were younger, energetic and very pumped to be cruising Alaska. Running and forth to the decks, jostling for a good view and a comforable seat was doable. We had a blast and spent a pile on shore excursions. This time we spending on a balcony and look forward to relaxing while watching the stunning scenery float past. The shore excursion budget is more conservative on this upcoming cruise. Time will tell which was more enjoyable. I'm sure BOTH approaches are wonderful for different reasons 😆.
  7. A gty cabin is a guaranteed category of cabin (not a specific cabin number, just the category you choose, or better). TIP take photos of maps, with your phone or camera and leave the paper at home. No more big binders😁
  8. Lol, my secret for carry on travel is a five day black, grey & red capsule wardrobe. I don't pack any heavy or thick clothes, wear layers, launder in the sink or onboard. Minimal cosmetics, travel sized essential toiletries and min electronics. I don't miss anything.
  9. We.. - fly with points - avoid high season and holidays - are not loyal to any particular cruise. The best value and itinerary wins our business. - book early, watch the prices drop and upgrade or get obc - skip specialty dining, except on celebratory occasions - bring the max allowable amount of wine and buy wine packages, if the value is there - fly with carry on bags only - don't shop onboard - gty cabins - sail long itineraries and repositioning cruises sometimes on older but refurbished ships - deal with a ta or book directly based on who is offering the best price and/or perks
  10. I carry on. Mini flat iron, 100, travel sized detangling conditioner, a very good mini brush & no tears ponytail bands. The bare essentials - enough equip & product to look decent, not the best, but not scary 🤡.
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