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  1. I tend to have a lot of issues with the site not being user friendly
  2. we have done excursions that are from local agencies we found on trip advisor and have great success and very reasonable prices as well
  3. We live near a major city so a nice Italian restaurant or a good steak is not exactly a rare treat. We do also like the MDR's and frankly the buffets are often perfectly good. We all loved Le Petit Chef. This was an experience we have never seen before and offers technology we have not seen in any restaurant even in major cities. Our waiter explained it plays around the world for much higher cost than we paid on our ship. We were all enthralled and delighted and so was everyone in the restaurants with us. I can't remember ever saying that about a dinner - ANYWHERE. It was our family's favorite by a long shot. We all are looking forward to seeing it again.
  4. We've seen LPC 3X. If you're hung up on the food you're kind of missing the whole point. Our waiter explained the technology behind this experience. I mean heck, you're seeing 3D characters on your plate that takes about a million dollars to achieve this effect. Also the animation takes about 24 hours to create each 5 seconds. If we got a grilled cheese sandwich as our dinner we would have been happy enough. This is amazing technology with genius storytelling. The last time we saw it the entire room was applauding at the end. Awesome stuff!
  5. yeah there has to be a way that maybe 90 minutes of an empty chair it opens back up again.
  6. I start wearing a hat halfway through the cruise!
  7. Our family had never heard of Le Petit Chef. Someone said it was "a cartoon" on your table, so most of us thought it was for kids. Well, we went and had a ball! Our waiter explained the technology and that the animation is so complex it takes 24 hours to create every 5 seconds. We LOVED it. And specifically went to see both show versions on Reflection. It was our favorite and a big reason we came back for another Celebrity cruise. Hope there's more to come!!
  8. Le Petit Chef is a super fun specialty restaurant option. You'll have a tasty 4 course meal and they project (from projectors above) these creative animated stories onto your plate that pair with each course. The whole concept is so cool. My husband and I really enjoyed it all and loved that the whole restaurant took part in the experience. We laughed and smiled the whole way through. Looking forward to seeing the new show called Le Petit Chef and Friends :)
  9. I couldn't agree more! We thought the food was so delicious and have enjoyed the show multiple times. Will be seeing it again soon!
  10. I recommend Le Petit Chef because it's such a fun dining experience I've never seen anywhere else. We thought the food was excellent and the vignettes that paired with dinner were wonderful. Yes, it's different. But great different, not gimmicky. Watching it online doesn't do it justice. See it in person. I felt like I was at a special event and so glad I had a seat!
  11. Completely agree. Kudos to celebrity for bringing these experiences on board. Most people don't realize how special the technology is and how complex the experience is. i can have steak in 10 other locations. This experience is the most unique and special from any cruise line.
  12. Hi We are on EDGE next month in Italy and Greece. With the hot weather we want to do custom excursions that assure higher end cars with good air conditioning. What would you recommend? Thanks!!!
  13. Hi We are on EDGE in August. Regular Dining: Which room do you prefer? Do you try multiple dining rooms each night? Specialty Dining: We are going to do specialty 2 nights. We have done LPC and LOVE IT, we can't wait to see the new show. What specialty dining would you recommend for our 2nd night? Thanks!!
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