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  1. I know that feeling all too well..I would love to be able to go zip lining as one of my excursions in Jamaica or Grand Cayman.
  2. I am new to this group but saw there is a Thursday thread for weigh in ..I will weigh in then... I am so glad I found you guys! Reading all the threads have been really inspirational.
  3. I have struggled off and on for years to lose weight. But, when I decided I was going to take a cruise in January of 2020 I knew that this time I have to succeed. No way am I going as heavy as I am. I've recently in the past couple months started a diet called intermittent intermittent fasting and also have picked up martial arts for exercise. neither of these things are easy for me because hey I love food and exercises not necessarily what I like to do. But, I've already lost 6 pounds and I don't know how many inches. I am so glad I found this group!
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