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  1. I follow all the SOTS FB pages and I can't find anything that talks about it being great on Symphony. The positive reviews I have seen on FB are from other Ships. I just called today and canceled the Key my June 1st sailing. I was super excited about the program when it came out, but after all the changes I don't see the value in it on Symphony. If I was on any other ship I would keep it. If I where you I would keep it and follow along for more changes and when it gets closer to your sailing make a call. But with only 23 days until I go it hasn't gotte
  2. The problem isn't if I see value in it. The problem is it keeps changing week to week ship to ship. I just want to know what I'm paying for and what I'm getting out of it. Until than I have to keep checking online and seeing reviews. Never have I bought something and had it change as much as this program has. Again, I just want to know what 19.99 a day for 7 days, times 3 people is getting me.
  3. Are we still able to get priority time during regular hours? I wasn't sure if this is still going on after only a few people posted about it. If so do we know what ships are doing this?
  4. We sail on Symphony in 25 days. Still on the fence but looking like I will call to cancel it before it is to late. We also paid under $20 for it. Trying to wait until the last minute before doing it in case it changes again (as it seems to be changing weekly on Symphony of the Seas). So maybe it will get better. If i was on any other ship right now I think we would keep it, but Symphony seems to have it all wrong from what people on the ship are reporting. (No I am not talking about what people think, I am talking about people who are sailing right now with "the Key" on Symphon
  5. Yes. I booked it the 1st day it came out for 19.99. Main reasons for booking was Chops lunch (now a different menu), no reservations for shows on Symphony (now you need them), private hours on flowrider (now only 1 item on port days from what others have posted). We sail June 1st on Symphony and we are now looking to cancel. From what others posted about Terminal A in Miami you don't really have any issues boarding, so that perk isn't really a perk. I can get Voom and Chops lunch way cheaper on its own than the Key. Only new item that I have seen posted th
  6. Do you have your sheet still with the actives and times still that you could post? If not do you recall how many times Flowrider was on it. Where you able to get priority access to activities during regular hours like people have talked about before on Symphony? Going on the same ship in 30 days or so and trying to see if I should keep the Key. Or should we just drop it and get our money back. Thanks for the current review on Symphony with the Key.
  7. Do they give your priority for activities during regular hours? Or do you only have the very few key hours for activities. If it is only 2 or 3 flow rider sessions in a 7 night trip it isn't worth it to me anymore. Thanks for your answers with someone that is using the Key right now.
  8. Does anyone know if the upgraded steak that you can buy in the MDR is the same type of steak that you get at Chops? Trying to see, if all I am looking for is the steak from Chops, do I need to spend the $52 for Chops dinner or can I just pay the extra charge for the upgraded steak in the MDR. Thanks for your help. I am going on SOTS in 6 weeks and cant wait.
  9. This makes up for the few Key hours they are giving out. But it seems like this is a kept secret unless you bit@$ about ther lack of hours. Than they will deliver bands that allows you. But a 3 to 1 ratio seems ok to me. If you can, let me know if you try it and if the people working the actives know about it and seem to follow it.
  10. Keep us posted how your trip with the Key is on SOTS, as I will be on it June 1st. (I am sure it will have changed 4 more times before than.) Also Thanks to everyone that is posting their experiences with the Key. Not just people saying what they think is going on and what they have read online. Getting 1st person experiences really helps. So thank you.
  11. Can you post your Key activities sheet for SOTS this week. We go in 7 weeks. After readding everything from SOTS I might cancel it and just add Voom and Chops lunch and save a ton of money (4 keys). We bought it for Flowrider mostly. And now it seems like you don't get much time on it with SOTS.
  12. Thank you for the current update with the Key.
  13. I am going on SOTS on June 1st, another Oasis class like Harmony. Can you post your activities sheet that they gave you with the times of the activities for the week. I know that it will more than likely change in the next 54 days. Just trying to get a better picture of where it started and where it is going. Thanks for helping with posting how the Key is working and not what they should be doing or not doing.
  14. Are you able to "cut" the line if you choose to for Flowrider and such? I know others have posted that during normal operations that you are given priority on all activities. Or does the Key now only help for 1 Flowrider/Zipline (ect) during the only posted Key time? Can you post the front of the Key letter that you have (i think it is the other-side of the activists sheet).
  15. Are you able to "cut" the line if you choose to for Flowrider and such? I know others have posted that during normal operations that you are given priority on all activities. Or does the Key now only help for 1 Flowrider/Zipline (ect) during the only posted Key time? This was one of the main reasons for booking the Key. Otherwise with the new Terminal A in Miami its not really worth it for my family in upgrading the Key. Getting on and off the ship now is extremely fast for everyone with the way it was built (from what I have read online.) Buying internet and lunch at chops wil
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