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  1. Got my refund! Now just waiting on them to refund for the cabana we purchased and for the correct 25% FCC to show on my account.
  2. Thanks for the update! Hopefully mine will hit my card in a few days
  3. Thanks, I called to get a refund. Everything seemed to go well but when I look at my VV account it shows me having the 200% FCC. When my travel companions called to get their refund they were told that we didn't qualify for the refund (this is the 2 time our sailing has gotten cancelled by VV). Even after telling them that the email gave is that option they said it didn't apply to us. Seems odd to me, and I'm definitely gonna fight it. But just curious, if anyone else who had their sailing cancelled a 2nd time was successful in getting VV to issue a refund and get the 25% FCC.
  4. Has anyone canceled and gotten their refund yet and the 25% FCC?
  5. Update: was just notified that my offer on the grand suite was accepted. Definitely didn't see that one coming!
  6. sailing on NOS 1/24 in an ocean view balcony room. Got the royal up offer to bid the following. I am totally content in the room we have given it's such a short trip (3 nights) but I did bid the minimum on all just for the heck of it. Grand Suite - 2 Bedroom $355 USD per guest Grand Suite $200 USD per guest Junior Suite $100 USD per guest Spacious Ocean View Balcony $50 USD per guest
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