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  1. Just curious, why did you not feel Vintages was an adequate meeting spot? Looking back, I couldn't help but think I should have brought a pride flag, or at least worn a pride bracelet to make things easier. The community bulletin board was in the 270 library. I checked it frequently throughout the week, it received zero activity.
  2. Just got back from the cruise, and I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I have to be honest - I did not much care for the crowd on-board. This was my third time sailing with Royal Caribbean, and despite being on one of their larger boats, the demographics were ironically less diverse than the two smaller boats I had previously been on. The crowd on Vision of the Seas felt more gay/gay-friendly, and more diverse in general. During a meal in the Solarium Bistro, I overheard an older woman telling her friend how she couldn't stop thinking about these "two gay men" because it made her "sick". Granted, this was an isolated incident that could have occurred anywhere, and is no way Royal Caribbean's fault, but it really took me aback. Having lived in my gay liberal bubble for so long, it has been a very very long time since I experienced homophobia like that. There were some other unpleasant, but not necessarily gay-related encounters besides that. The nightly LGBTQ meetups were scheduled at Vintages bar at 7pm, which was not a convenient time for me. I attended the first meetup and met a group of bears who were all sailing together as a pack. They were friendly and we chatted for a bit, but didn't particularly click. A couple from Tennessee linked up with the group as I was leaving. I didn't run into any of them again nor was I able to make it back for any of the other nights. That was the extent of my interaction with other gays on-board. Everyone's experience is different, and sometimes it boils down to luck-of-the-draw, combined with factors such as what time of the year you sail, destination, etc. But given the chance, I would have rather chosen a different ship altogether. I personally would not recommend.
  3. An update, for anyone who might be searching for this information - I was able to get a stamp from the grey customs building on the dockyard in St. George, with ease. We were originally unsure due to a sign on the building stating that only those with "official business" would be allowed to enter, but a local told us we would be fine. Once we went inside, the lady just asked to see our cruise sail passes. You can also still go to the customs house on Front street in Hamilton. It's currently on the second floor of a small complex. I stopped by just to ask if their stamp would be the same, which they confirmed it would be. Both buildings are a short walk from their respective ferry stations, and I found government officials on the island to be friendly and accommodating.
  4. How was it? I sail Anthem next month and I'm curious to hear as many experiences as possible!
  5. Traveling to Bermuda with family - say hi!
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