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  1. You'll have to find things not to like
  2. My wife and really enjoyed it and so did everyone in our room both times. I think you need to be a little young-at-heart. My son is in tech and he explained this is amazing technology. Really happy to have it offered and looking forward to doing on next trip.
  3. We liked Fine cut but frankly could a good steak in any restaurant in the city we live. We liked Rooftop grill for the ability to eat outside (if not too windy). Our family still is talking about Le petit chef. It's a memorable experience and a lot of fun. LPC is the one specialty my family said we must do next cruise!
  4. yes we were looking at a date last year and it was booked with a 70's cruise
  5. its probably about 60 or 70 people. Honestly, we were hesitant the first time because we like to eat when we want, but everyone having the same experience makes it more of a show. Also there is something nice about a whole room giggling together and the waiters are great with making it an event. Without giving anything away everyone claps at the end to select your chef champion and you get a surprise animation ending depending on who wins. We were all so enthralled we started talking with guests next to us. It's a super fun night and something you really shouldn't miss. LPC is something we alr
  6. all the food is really good. It's just a matter of how much variety you want. Enjoy!
  7. They do a pretty good job with the timing, that said there will always be someone who can find a complaint. Bottomline this is really creative dining experience that is super unique, a lot of fun and well worth it. Our family and friends have gone to LPC 3x and LOVE IT every time!
  8. its nice that they are listening - rare these days.
  9. I Much prefer giving the tips personally and extra when someone goes above and beyond - which often happens.
  10. If too small of a safe is your biggest problem - life is good!
  11. We've done both. Once we went on celebrity it was hard to think about going back to NCL.
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