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  1. Does it specify carry-on vs checked bag?
  2. Thanks everyone, I was hopding to have one less thing in my carry on (more room for wine lol), but I think I'd rather be sure it will get to my cabin! Now just have to figure out how to get it on the airplane 🙂
  3. For those who have brought portable usb travel fans with you, did it need to be in your carry-on? Checked bag? Does it matter? TIA, Kristi
  4. I have done 2 cruises. On my first cruise, I did not buy it. I thought that I was going on vacation to enjoy the ship and the sun and the excursions, and wasn't paying all that cruise money just to go away and get drunk every day. So every day I would plan and think "ok, I'll have a beer watching the comedian or watching the show, and maybe one on deck later, but I don't need to buy one in the afternoon". And then I found the self pour beer station and thought "I'll just keep refilling my mug and enjoy some drinks that way". And some days I drank more, and some less, but I felt like I was always thinking in my head "should I or shouldn't I". Thing is, money wasn't an issue. I wasn't worried about a budget, and could have easily afforded much more to drink, and could have drank a lot more without feeling drunk. In the end, I felt that it affected my fun as I kept debating "should I?" instead of just ordering the drink like I wanted. On my second cruise I pre-ordered the Cheers package. Was I drunk any night? Nope. Did I try drinks I wouldn't have normally drank? Definitely. Didn't really like some of the Alchemy drinks I tried, but that's ok, I didn't need to finish them. Did I have at least one Hurricane Wave every day? Yep, and loved each and every one. I had 5 drinks some days, 10 drinks on some days, and 15 one day, and never worried about "should I or shouldn't I". I drank more than I do at home, but I was on vacation, so who cares? So for me, I never regretted getting it. I'm getting it on my next cruise. Did I regret not getting it? Yes. And not because of money costs or savings, but because debating whether or not to order a drink was a waste of mental energy that I could have spent on simply enjoying my cruise more. To Cheers or not To Cheers is a personal decision, and the factors going into it include more than simply the financial aspect. For some, the guarantee of at least breaking even is the sole factor. For some, it is the ability to pre-pay in advance that is paramount. For some, paying as you go is important to limit consumption to prevent drinking to excess. For some, the ability to try new things is most important. There are many factors to consider, and there is no right or wrong answer.
  5. I have done Chichen Itzan, Altun Ha, and Tulum. All 3 through Carnival tours, and all 3 were worth it for different reasons. Chichen Itza - one of the new seven wonders of the world. It is huge. Long bus ride and boat trip. But it was a bucket list visit as it's a wonder. Altun Ha - you can still climb one of them and my leg muscles were sore the next day LOL. Being able to climb a ruin was worth the trip. Tulum - The other 2 ruins were better, but the beach below (which is part of the site) was fantastic. I was very glad I did Chichen Itza and Altun Ha through Carnival as the Chichen Itza tour only got back with 30 minutes to spare, and Altun Ha was actually a bit late. If you do an independent tour that is far away (or long) you take the chance of missing the ship. For me, paying a little extra is worth the security.
  6. My day 1 first cruise drink is the Hurricane Wave. I got it first at the casino bar, then also the Rum bar. Its frozen half hurricane (various rums and passion fruit) and half banana daquiri. And the day 2 hangover drink is the Bloody Caesar 🙂
  7. I have now done 2 cruises solo. You'd be amazed at the people you meet that might turn into life long friendships. In fact, my next cruise is already booked, and it's coordinated with new friends I met on my last cruise!
  8. can this be used for the initial purchase? or deposit? or only for onboard purchases/excursions etc.
  9. I was also on the 1/12 Glory Cruise...... Epic Rock show was excellent and the best of the 3, but the other 2 were also fun. It was the last of the 3 shows. The Lobby Band was talented (called Rubber Duck I think). Played music across all decades with lots of energy. Also enjoyed solo guitar with Tim Lucas. One of the stand up comedians was Valerie Storm, and her late show was among the funniest I've seen. The entire room was laughing from beginning to end. Cruise Director was Dustin Gabriel. I found him to be entertaining, energetic, and involved all over the ship. His voice was pleasing (which is important due to the many announcements). Dive In Movies included Mamma Mia 2, Oceans 8, The Equalizer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Avengers Infinity War. Not a fan of Port of Miami - getting in was fine, but leaving was miserable. Trying to flag down the van/bus to take me to my car rental place was chaos. Food - I did not eat in the MDR once, but was told that the food offered there each night was pretty much always also in the Lido Buffet. I never found there to be too much craziness at the Lido, but I intentionally never went right when it opened. Other food included BlueIguana Cantina (great breakfast burritos), Comfort Kitchen, Ol' Fashioned BBQ (great mac n cheese), Guys Burger Joint, Seafood Shack, Pizza Pirate, Suzhi at Sea, Carnival Deli. Various trivia and name that tune contests throughout the week. Get there before it starts as they start on time and you hate to miss question #1. My Ports were Grand Cayman, Mahogany Bay, Belize, and Cozumel. I just wandered the port shops at Grand Cayman, went to port shops and free beach at Mahogany, went to Altun Ha in Belize, and Tulum at Cozumel. I have all my fun times, but apparently my old scanner has taken it's last breath.
  10. LOL, I sail out of Miami in January, and I have a zone section. So, it's not the port
  11. I'm non-priority, vifp red. Have not paid for the FTTF. Chose 11:30 boarding. It said lower on the pass that I am in Muster E.
  12. I'm on the Glory in 31 days, so i'm on the trip before yours. All these pics from the review have been amazing!
  13. That does sound like heaven. It's now on my list to try 🙂
  14. How was your day at Calico Jacks?
  15. I am sooooo ordering that. I want one now! Thank you for this suggestion!
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