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  1. Hi Chexie With risk of being sensationally flamed, if I were you, I would be trying to get as much refund as I could and go on a different cruise line, such as Princess or Celebrity, which offer so much more in the way of newer ships, service, extras, food quality etc etc. I have been on all of the P&O ships (except the last 2 "new" ones). My last was the Pearl and after that one I decided that was the last with P&O. When you are going on a cruise half of the fun is the excitement and anticipation leading up to the cruise. You are not supposed to feel dread and apprehension of what you've got yourself into. If you can't change your cruise, if I were you, I would not read any more reviews and go with an open mind and you might be pleasantly surprised.
  2. I have been on both ships and I think they are slightly different but both equally as good. I had the same dilemma, should I choose the round Australia on the Diamond or top end on Solstice. We ended up going on the Solstice last February and had a fantastic cruise! The service, food and ship were outstanding. We both had the included drink package which was an added bonus. My husband doesn't drink either though he loves his coffees and smoothies, and the occasional baileys, so it was well worth having. The reason we ended up choosing the Solstice was the price. For a lot less than a Diamond inside, we had a beautiful balcony cabin with gratuities and drinks included. I have read some of the negative reviews of my cruise and can't believe we were on the same ship! Saying that, I have sailed on the Diamond 3 times, one a 35 night back to back from NZ to Beijing, and loved every minute of that as well. I think any one you choose will be great! Sue
  3. Whatever you do.. don't bring a power board with 3 / 4 outlets on the Solstice. I didn't get my bag delivered to my room and had to go down to the room where they hold all the bags with contraband.. it was the power board. There were lots of others down there because of power boards as well. They took it off me and said I could get it when I get off. We took a US adapter which worked fine for all our charging needs. I love the Solstice and will be back on board in 5 weeks!