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  1. Here’s the list of senior hotel officers on the Encore as of March 8: Marc Spijkerboer: General Manager * Nomita Rambhunjan: Asst General Manager Charles Fernandes, Food & Beverage Director Davor Pikic: Asst F&B Director Ferdinand Fandialan: Executive Housekeeper Roberto De Pasquale: Cruise Director Petra Ercegovic: Beverage Manager Belkys Laos Sanchez: Guest Service Manager Francis Gomes: Executive Chef Adrian Dumitru: Restaurant Manager Carolina Cicic: CruiseNext Manager * Jovo has moved to Corporate as VP of Regional Fleet Operations. Deepak Punia from the Escape was scheduled to become GM on the Encore later this month, but with the service suspension, I don’t know when that will happen. Other officers were scheduled to return from vacation over the next few weeks, but that’s up in the air now. The chances are high that names will change when cruises begin again, whenever that actually is.
  2. I just disembarked today (the last cruise before the service suspension). In addition to those noted above, here are the other hotel officers: Oscar Fernandes: Sr. Food & Beverage Director Olden Senior Forbes: Executive Housekeeper Pedro Serra: Cruise Director Helen Gamulo: Guest Service Manager Rodney Bennett: Executive Chef Marlon Bryan: Restaurant Manager Roshan D’Costa: Beverage Manager
  3. Jovo should be back by then. He's on vacation now, and Marc is filling in, who's also great.
  4. The Captain was Kim Karlsson. Since passengers typically have little contact with them, other than a photo or greeting at a cocktail party, I normally don’t post the name.
  5. Just got back from the Sun today. Here are the senior hotel officers: Igor Futivic, General Manager Cristian Oprea, Food & Beverage Director Paulo Vaz, Executive Chef Adrian Dimitru, Restaurant Manager Ferdinand Pascual, Beverage Manager Angel Reid, Executive Housekeeper Veronica Manabat, Guest Service Manager Richard Matic, Cruise Director Suzana Bajramovic, Concierge
  6. Unconfirmed, but I heard Susie (spelling?) will fill temporarily and then Alvin. I’m very sad, having booked a 10 day back-to-back in January primarily to see Jeimy again, who was on vacation when I last sailed the Sun in October. Now, she’s been reassigned to the Star (lucky them!) to do the South American itineraries.
  7. I’m on the Escape right now, leaving tomorrow. Here are the hotel senior officers: General Manager: Deepak Punia Asst General Manager: Duncan Founche Food & Beverage Director: Kivanc Ucar Cruise Director: Jacky Tang Executive Housekeeper: Rodrigo Rodriguez Executive Chef: Godfrey Fernandes Guest Services Manager: Katherine “KitKat” Reyes Restaurant Manager: Jay Hizon Beverage Manager: Laszlo Pinter CruiseNext Manager: Marthinus “Martin” Visser
  8. Just got off the Joy. Here are the hotel senior officers: General Manager: Martin Ivanov Assistant GM: Ricardo Pinheiro Food & Beverage Director: Gilbert Derecho Cruise Director: Daniel "Dan Dan" Cuasito Executive Chef: Praveen Mathias Restaurant Manager: Ana Maria Malata Beverage Manager: Frederick Vallejos Executive Housekeeper: Cherry Paje Guest Service Manager: Trevor Swart CruiseNext Manager: Kimberly Bennett Group Service Coordinators/Access Officers: Jessica Owhin & Joy Deng Executive Concierge: Dilip Lopes
  9. Just got off the Sun this morning. Here are the Hotel Senior Officers (and a couple more names): General Manager: Brian Walters Food & Beverage Director: Cristian Oprea * Executive Chef: Paulo Vaz Restaurant Manager: Theresa Mangat Beverage Manager: Jun Valdez Executive Housekeeper: Edgar Horlador Guest Services Manager: Ana Roncesvalles Cruise Director: Luz Brillantes ** CruiseNext Manager: Terry O'Leary Group Services Coordinator: Vivian Concierge: Armando * Cristian leaving today for vacation; back early November; Igor taking over till then ** Jeimy coming back to CD position on October 17 Cruise Director staff is VERY short-handed with only 3 of 6 positions filled. Henry is ACD, with Sonny, Paul & Irene working the activities. If this hasn't improved by the time you sail, please be kind to them - they're all exhausted.
  10. My contacts tell me that the CD is Dan Dan (not Dan the Man) and the ACD is Bianca (previously on the Sun).
  11. Senior hotel officers on the Sky as of September 14, 2019: General Manager: Jean-Michel Dhelin Asst Gen Mgr: Duncan Fouche * Food & Bev Dir: Zafer Dal Cruise Director: Jasper Wade ** Guest Svcs Mgr: Helen Gamulo Beverage Manager: Fnu Mansyur *** Restaurant Mgr: Isaac Fernandes Executive Chef: Ariel Timbang Exec Housekeeper: Bissoodath Maharas CruiseNext Mgr: Andre Dos Santos Concierge: Efren Jr Acesor * On vacation as of September 15; going to Escape in November ** On vacation as of September 15; reportedly going to another ship (not known) after then *** On vacation as of September 15
  12. It’s part of the corporate executive offices.
  13. I sincerely hope that your request doesn’t land on the desk of a solo hater. Of course, I’d be happy to discuss this when we’re aboard. One interesting facet that I haven’t mentioned. One of the people in the shareholder benefit group told me that there is no facility within their system to automatically allocate half of the OBC, so anyone who does so must take the extra step of requesting and posting gift certificates in the reduced amount to the reservation. In other words, to shaft the solos, they must go out of their way and do more work. You have to wonder what kind of person would do that.
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