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  1. Just got off the Sun this morning. Here are the Hotel Senior Officers (and a couple more names): General Manager: Brian Walters Food & Beverage Director: Cristian Oprea * Executive Chef: Paulo Vaz Restaurant Manager: Theresa Mangat Beverage Manager: Jun Valdez Executive Housekeeper: Edgar Horlador Guest Services Manager: Ana Roncesvalles Cruise Director: Luz Brillantes ** CruiseNext Manager: Terry O'Leary Group Services Coordinator: Vivian Concierge: Armando * Cristian leaving today for vacation; back early November; Igor taking over till then ** Jeimy coming back to CD position on October 17 Cruise Director staff is VERY short-handed with only 3 of 6 positions filled. Henry is ACD, with Sonny, Paul & Irene working the activities. If this hasn't improved by the time you sail, please be kind to them - they're all exhausted.
  2. My contacts tell me that the CD is Dan Dan (not Dan the Man) and the ACD is Bianca (previously on the Sun).
  3. Senior hotel officers on the Sky as of September 14, 2019: General Manager: Jean-Michel Dhelin Asst Gen Mgr: Duncan Fouche * Food & Bev Dir: Zafer Dal Cruise Director: Jasper Wade ** Guest Svcs Mgr: Helen Gamulo Beverage Manager: Fnu Mansyur *** Restaurant Mgr: Isaac Fernandes Executive Chef: Ariel Timbang Exec Housekeeper: Bissoodath Maharas CruiseNext Mgr: Andre Dos Santos Concierge: Efren Jr Acesor * On vacation as of September 15; going to Escape in November ** On vacation as of September 15; reportedly going to another ship (not known) after then *** On vacation as of September 15
  4. It’s part of the corporate executive offices.
  5. I sincerely hope that your request doesn’t land on the desk of a solo hater. Of course, I’d be happy to discuss this when we’re aboard. One interesting facet that I haven’t mentioned. One of the people in the shareholder benefit group told me that there is no facility within their system to automatically allocate half of the OBC, so anyone who does so must take the extra step of requesting and posting gift certificates in the reduced amount to the reservation. In other words, to shaft the solos, they must go out of their way and do more work. You have to wonder what kind of person would do that.
  6. I agree completely. NCL has two distinct personalities: shoreside and shipboard. I believe, more often than not, that gaining a managerial title in the corporate office requires you to have never stepped foot on a cruise ship. The decisions they make and procedures they develop are almost illogical and contrary to the best interests of their customers. Conversely, the crews on NCL ships are fantastic. I sail with them about every month and can count on one hand the ones I don’t like. My experience is that shareholder services is one of the worst departments of them all. Though apparently understaffed, the process they implement is remarkably simple. Review the submission, assign OBC to the associated reservation, send an email to the passenger with an updated amenities confirmation. Easy peasy. As described in my posts above, there is no consistency in the treatment of solos nor predictability in turnaround time. Common sense dictates that passengers who own stock typically are not those who cruise every five years, but more likely those who book frequently. They own the stock as a gateway to its benefit more than as a pure investment. That corporate management continues to treat those most valuable customers poorly is a reflection of their incompetence and disregard for their most important patrons.
  7. That's exactly my point. It states that singles get the full benefit if they pay 200%, but the weasel wording doesn't state what happens if the supplement is zero, 150% or anything else. Historically, they've granted us the full benefit regardless of the supplement level, but now seem to be cutting it in half on a regular basis. There's nothing in the documentation saying that's what will happen. We could get the whole thing, nothing or any percentage in between - totally at the whim of one party. That's not the way contracts work. Whatever internal guidelines NCLH may have established for processing such requests are beyond the contract, irrelevant to it and legally unenforceable (remember that I only have a degree from Judge Judy University). From my experience and talking with countless other solos, I've only heard of two outcomes: full compensation or half. I've never heard of anyone being denied completely unless the submission was so late that it wasn't processed before the end of the cruise, but having nothing to do with being a single. One more note: a high percentage of NCL's best passengers (Platinum Plus and Ambassador) travel solo. By the nature of our Latitudes level, we travel a lot. I'm on a ship about every month (I'm P+). We all own stock. The OBC it generates is a factor in our decisions about what cruises to take and which line to use. Screwing your best customers is not a wise business practice for any company. We not only directly create income for the line, but are (or can be) the best sales force they have, since people constantly ask us who we like and why we like them. A negative feeling toward any operator will spread well beyond the loss or reduction of one person's business. There's not one cruise where the high-level solos don't complain among each other about this very issue. It's become a real focus of our attention and it needs to be solved quickly in a way that is unambiguous and doesn't leave us feeling abused and angry.
  8. I just received one-half of the $250 benefit as a solo on a 16-day cruise. For a while, I thought there was one bad apple in the shareholder benefit department who got jollies by shafting solos, but I'm beginning to think that all of them are now under orders to chop our benefits if we don't pay a double fare. In this case, I paid 150% (that's 75% of the full fare for two people) yet they only credited me with 50% of the benefit. Really unfair and discriminatory. Note that nowhere in NCL (actually, NCLH) documents do they state what the benefit percentage will be if the fare is less than 200%, only that that the full benefit will accrue if 200% is paid. I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that ambiguity in a unilateral contract favors the party that did not compose and issue that contract. I've written to Shareholder Services with these points, and am awaiting their reply. If this department consistently chops the solo benefits in half, is there any lawyer out there who's also a victim of this discrimination and can pursue a remedy on our behalf with NCLH? I'm really getting sick and tired of their campaign to cut every corner they can, but this may be the first example where it isn't even legal.
  9. I don’t know that there has been an official announcement, but it’s pretty much the same launch team that was on the Bliss when it set sail. Jovo will be the GM, and most of the team with him on the Bliss will follow. Rashida has told me that she’ll be the Guest Services Manager, and Carolina just told me days ago that she’ll manage CruiseNext. I just heard that Silas will be Cruise Director. If you search back, I expect that you’ll find most of the remaining Manager names.
  10. Got off the Breakaway today. Here are the hotel senior officers: General Manager: Joao Gigante (Vuk is on vacation) Asst GM: Plamenko Bakic (Dia is on vacation) Food & Beverage Director: Timur Coskun Executive Housekeeper: Carmencita Reid Cruise Director: Paquito Fuchs Guest Services Manager: KitKat Galope-Reyes Executive Chef: Kevin Green Restaurant Manager: Hernan Gonzalez Rios Beverage Manager: Adela Toskic I also noticed that Bowen is the Concierge.
  11. Answering this question has two problems: First, it’s so far in advance that forecasts are challenging if not impossible. Secondly, many (most?) of the senior officers now on the Bliss are moving to launch the Encore in November. Who will take their places is a shot in the dark. I’m guessing that you’ll be among the first to know who the new group of Bliss officers will be. That being said, I’d expect Mark Maeling to be GM unless he’s moved to another ship or on vacation. Last I heard, he’s pretty much a done deal to take Jovo’s place when he goes to the Encore.
  12. Got off the Jewel today. Here’s the list of senior hotel officers: Steven Jacobsen: General Manager Rumi Khatao: Food & Beverage Director Jake Laflin: Cruise Director Eric DeLeon: Executive Housekeeper Alvina Athanase: Guest Services Manager Peter Costa: Executive Chef Nigel Leventic: Restaurant Manager Windchester Barracks: Beverage Manager Jennifer Pershouse: CruiseNext Manager * * Jenni left the ship today; Evangeline is now the manager This is an absolutely awesome group. They are readily accessible to passengers, and all strong performers. In particular, Steven and Jake are out and about all the time, unlike many others in their jobs who are rarely among the guests.
  13. Got off the Dawn yesterday (May 18). Here are the hotel department senior officers as of that date: General Manager: Alain Magnier F&B Director: Andreas Sommerfeld Cruise Director: Luz Brillantes (ACD was Vo) Executive Housekeeper: Misiel Bulaon (pronounced like Michelle) Guest Service Mgr: Gary Alldredge Executive Chef: Ariel Timbang Restaurant Mgr: Marek Bus Beverage Mgr: Raj Rodrigues CruiseNext Mgr: Juan Franco (with Mercy & Shannon) Group Service Coord: Shirlyn Valdez
  14. The Joy has been a real mystery as far as senior officers is concerned. For months, I’ve asked many officers on other ships if they have any idea who’s going there, and nobody seems to have a clue. If anyone sails her, please post a list.
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