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  1. Got off the Jewel today. Here’s the list of senior hotel officers: Steven Jacobsen: General Manager Rumi Khatao: Food & Beverage Director Jake Laflin: Cruise Director Eric DeLeon: Executive Housekeeper Alvina Athanase: Guest Services Manager Peter Costa: Executive Chef Nigel Leventic: Restaurant Manager Windchester Barracks: Beverage Manager Jennifer Pershouse: CruiseNext Manager * * Jenni left the ship today; Evangeline is now the manager This is an absolutely awesome group. They are readily accessible to passengers, and all strong performers. In particular, Steven and Jake are out and about all the time, unlike many others in their jobs who are rarely among the guests.
  2. Got off the Dawn yesterday (May 18). Here are the hotel department senior officers as of that date: General Manager: Alain Magnier F&B Director: Andreas Sommerfeld Cruise Director: Luz Brillantes (ACD was Vo) Executive Housekeeper: Misiel Bulaon (pronounced like Michelle) Guest Service Mgr: Gary Alldredge Executive Chef: Ariel Timbang Restaurant Mgr: Marek Bus Beverage Mgr: Raj Rodrigues CruiseNext Mgr: Juan Franco (with Mercy & Shannon) Group Service Coord: Shirlyn Valdez
  3. The Joy has been a real mystery as far as senior officers is concerned. For months, I’ve asked many officers on other ships if they have any idea who’s going there, and nobody seems to have a clue. If anyone sails her, please post a list.
  4. Just got off the Breakaway (April 28). Here are the lead bridge officers: Captain (Master): Matko Candrlic Staff Captain: Viktor Vranic Chief (First) Officer: Edgardo Gallardo Here are the senior hotel officers: General Manager (new name for Hotel Director): Vuk Malobabic Assistant General Manager: Dia Ambida Food & Beverage Director: Timur Coskun Executive Housekeeper: Carmencita Reid Cruise Director: JC Sanchez Guest Service Manager: Gina Yunzal Executive Chef: Kevin Green Restaurant Manager: Hernan Gonzalez Rios Beverage Manager: Adela Toskic I was not in The Haven, but believe I saw Bowen around the ship as the Concierge.
  5. I must respectfully disagree. Jeimy was the CD on the Sun repo from Chile to Miami a month ago. She did most of the announcements both in English and Spanish, but that was totally reasonable given the passenger demographics. At some events, she asked if anyone present only spoke Spanish, but that was to determine whether translations would not be necessary. It certainly had nothing to do with favoritism or exclusion of any other groups. As far as likeability, everyone with whom I spoke adored her (as did I). Of course, you're welcome to your opinion; that's why there are so many flavors of ice cream.
  6. Just got off the Sun on April 1. Here are the senior hotel officers as of then: Brian Walters, Hotel Director Dieter Welp, Asst Hotel Director Cristian Oprea, Food & Beverage Director * Paulo Gasper Vaz, Executive Chef Maria Theresa Mangat, Restaurant Manager Basilio Valdez, Beverage Manager Edgar Horlador, Executive Housekeeper Michelle Taladhay, Guest Services Manager Jeimy Caro, Cruise Director Carlos Z, Concierge * Going on vacation for 10 weeks; Igor now onboard as F&B Dir. Isabela was the CruiseNext Manager; she's going on vacation and then will be on the Breakaway. Don't recall who she said will be on the Sun now.
  7. I saved the file, then opened it in a photo app and zoomed in. Able to read the names and titles of almost everyone. Give that a try.
  8. This is very helpful information. Is there any chance that you know the names of the Food & Beverage Director and/or Restaurant Manager? I’ll be on the Sun for its repositioning in 3 weeks.
  9. I was onboard the Getaway February 3-10. Here are the senior hotel officers as of then: Hotel Director: Errol Bailey Asst. Hotel Director: Plamenko Bakic Food & Beverage Director: Loredana Moldovan Cruise Director: Paquito Fuchs Executive Housekeeper: Jose Omier Guest Services Manager: Irma Reyes Executive Chef: Tyson Pinto Beverage Manager: Dindo Ramos Restaurant Manager: Chandra Muttam CruiseNext Manager: Paloma Pelaez I don’t know if there’s any turnover since then, though I know them all and don’t recall anyone talking about going on vacation.
  10. I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but I can offer a couple of notes. Jovo and Pam (his more-than-amazing HD Secretary) have left the Bliss for vacation, after which they will head to Germany to oversee construction of the Encore that they’ll launch in November. Mark Maeling is, and will be, the HD going forward on the Bliss. Marc Spijkerboer has returned from vacation as F&B Director, though I think he’s heading for the Encore in the fall with several other Bliss senior officers. With the necessary staffing of the Encore and Joy, there inevitably will be a lot of movement of senior officers and promotions of others into such positions. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The Joy is particularly curious, since I’ve heard nothing other than retention of their Hotel Director (not a Chinese national) when it’s repositioned to the US. The last time I checked, NCL had not even lined up the major shows for that ship, let alone a management team.
  11. Just got off the Getaway on January 20. Here’s the list of senior officers in the hotel department: Mario Markovic was Hotel Director (leaving for vacation; Errol coming back) Plamenko Bakic was Assistant Hotel Director Loredana Moldovan was F&B Director Paquito Fuchs was Cruise Director Jose Regaliza was Executive Housekeeper (leaving for vacation; Jose Omier coming back) Michelle Taladhay was Guest Services Manager Rodney Bennett was Executive Chef Eleonore Rueda was Beverage Manager Chandra Muttam was Restaurant Manager Paloma Pelaez was CruiseNext Manager
  12. I'm stretching my memory a bit here, but I don't think that Burn The Floor lasts more than an hour. I recall Priscilla being a bit longer, probably closer to 90 minutes. Both are great shows; don't miss them. Also keep an eye open for the Beatles tribute group. They perform nightly in the Cavern Club and usually have a show in the theater as well. I consider the Epic to have the best entertainment in the fleet. I'll be onboard in a couple weeks, and intend to go to all of the shows multiple times. They're that good.
  13. The conversation here seems illogical to me. If you book a cheapo sailaway rate (that's not a special offer, but a published rate just like all the others), then there are no promos and you get the shareholder OBC. If you book a more expensive subcategory, that includes free-at-sea and maybe other perks, then you don't get the shareholder benefit. That doesn't make sense. My guess, as reflected by some comments above, is that the restriction refers to special TA deals, interline rates, and such. It just isn't reasonable to apply the verbiage as suggested by some of the posts above. We'll see what results come from actual submissions for the benefit to be sure. By the way, I always travel solo and I've never had the benefit reduced by 50%. I don't think I've booked more than a couple cruises at 200% supplement. Maybe the best option for an immediate answer is to contact Investor Relations tomorrow at 305-468-2339. Rather than some department within the cruise group, these are the folks who process the OBC requests, issue the guidelines and should know if the new wording really has impact or not.
  14. A few notes on specialty dining with NCL: If you have a dining package (your keycard shows #UDP, where # is the number of meals included), then the terms and conditions state that the only restriction at the included restaurants is a limit of one entree. If a server tries to tell you that you are limited on appetizers, side or desserts and they won't yield when you tell them that they're wrong, call the Maitre D' over. For some reason, I've found many servers on multiple ships who are not trained properly. Be aware that some other specialty restaurants can be used with the UDP with a specified upcharge. Examples are Ocean Blue / Bayamo ($10 + $2 gratuity), Sushi Bar ($7 +), and some dinner shows (though do a calculation; some are more not a good deal compared to just booking them directly). For reasons that no F&B Director nor Executive Chef whom I've asked can answer, NCL has 2 sets of specialty restaurant menus. I refer to them as the "large ship menus" and "small ship menus". The megaships all use the "large" set, the really small ships seem to all use the "small" set, and the mid-sized ships are a crap shoot. Some use a complete set of one or the other, and some use "large" in some restaurants and "small" in others. Many menu items are common to both, many have subtle differences, and others are completely omitted on one set or the other. So, don't assume that something you liked on one ship will be available on a different vessel. If you have Platinum Latitudes vouchers, there are a couple of considerations if you travel solo as I do. If you're using one alone, I've never had a problem convincing the server to let me order whatever I want; I simply joke with them that I'll order 2 meals if they're not flexible. Of course, the other option is to pair up with another Platinum solo at the first night's gathering and share the vouchers to allow four meals for both of you. I've heard of people coercing the CruiseNext Manager into letting them get four solo meals, but I'm not willing to do that. Even if the rules are unfair, they are the rules.
  15. My thoughts on Ocean Blue: I've dined there on the Getaway and on the Escape (they call it Bayamo, but it's the same menu now), and intend to go while on the Bliss in mid-December. These comments relate to the Atlantic menu, and not what's available on Alaska runs. The king crab leg appetizer is terrific, but the stone crabs were pretty tasteless. The whole lobster main course (steamed) was watery and mushy, but combos that include a grilled lobster tail were fine. The seven seas combo includes a very tasty piece of fish, grilled shrimp and a grilled lobster tail. It's available with the dining plan. On the Getaway, it was a $12 upcharge including gratuity. My last cruise had some steak problems at Cagney's as well. Not sure if they've changed suppliers or are buying cheaper quality, but the ribeyes were not good. In that case, the Porterhouse was much better. Hope they fix the problem, as it seems to affect multiple ships (I was on the Sun). For chocoholics like me, the seven-layer cake for dessert overcomes any other shortcomings (though it isn't available on the "small ship menu" offered on the Sun). At Le Bistro, I like the frisee salad with goat cheese and pancetta. For the entree, my favorite is the shrimp roasted in butter with potatoes and artichokes. At La Cucina, I've always found the beef lasagna to be better than I expect, and the osso buco to be a treat for the main course. On the other hand, I've been disappointed with the veal marsala; the cutlets are fine, but the sauce lacks punch. Just some thoughts and ideas.
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