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  1. It's not crazy. If you are going at 7 - 8AM then traffic shouldn't be bad. You are going against the flow of traffic in the morning, FYI. Nothing to worry about. Hop off self-disembark as early as you can and jump in a cab. You'll be ok.
  2. Totally fine. Do self-disembark before 7AM and you'll end up with a couple of hours to hang out at the airport. You can easily make this flight.
  3. So a well planned and beautiful island where most activities are free, where drink packages are accepted, and food is free - and managed by the cruise line. I'll take it! No rude vendors or taxi drivers, no paying for a beach chair or worrying about getting mugged taking a wrong turn. I'd say bring it on, let's have MORE private islands.
  4. Virginia gets hurricanes, too. And you just get snowbirds in the warmer months since that's where they live when not in Florida.
  5. On the bright side, you are doing your part to reduce the population of love bugs!
  6. Playa Mia may be best with all the kids and they do have an all-inclusive option as well. I'd prefer Nachi Cocom, personally, as it's more laid back, but if the kids want water toys and slides, then Playa Mia is the best for that. There is a huge splash area at Playa Mia that the 4 year old would love. The food is terrible, though. Nachi has way better food. All are on the same beach and it makes little difference which one you go to in that sense. Pick the one with the activities that fits your family best - and those activities may be "laid back" like Nachi. I would highly advise taking a cab and avoiding the ship excursion.
  7. Blue Lagoon you would do through your ship excursion. Getting there on your own requires a taxi to Atlantis vs boarding right at the pier via ship excursion. It's one of the few places it's better to just book through your ship. The water is crystal clear at Blue Lagoon and it's an excellent beach day but nothing more than that. The lagoon is pretty cool, the boat ride over, stunning blue water, it's definitely a nice day if you want to hang out on the beach and swim. Since it's a lagoon, the swimming is as good as it gets. White sand, clear water, no waves, shallow with a couple of deeper spots. The water isn't stagnant in the lagoon, it comes in one side and out the other, which is why it's so nice.
  8. The beaches do not close at 5. Just the pools. Cove Beach is the better beach there and you have access to it. Do NOT take the water taxi. Regular taxi is much faster and better. Water taxi is full of gas fumes and hated by pretty much everyone.
  9. I don't think any tourists are canceling Disney trips because they got dinged $10 from the rental company. This is an answer to a problem that doesn't exist, and is costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  10. It's up to you if you want to lug your bags around to get breakfast. I would probably just treat it as any other long layover. Find a nice, quiet place to sit at the airport and take a nap, read, iPad, or whatever. Pack a few snacks beforehand. Then around 9:30, head to the port.
  11. There is no "Uber strike" - they are not organized. If they are striking today, then they are not doing a very good job. As I can open the app and see countless vehicles. Just take an Uber as you normally would.
  12. Did I read correctly that this is COSTING $200,000/mo to taxpayers? Goodness.
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