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  1. and yet they are still advertising the jan 3, 2021 cruise NYC to Southampton which will most likely be cancelled. Yet my balance is due in a couple of days and they will accept it knowing the likelihood the cruise will be cancelled. The covid situation is only going to get worse by January. If I dont pay my balance they get to keep my deposit. (guaranteed booking) $214 may not be much to one person but they will get a lot out of many in the same position. Not only that, the fare for the Jan 3rd voyage is higher than what I paid months ago (not too much higher but higher nevertheless) Many that could cancel without a loss most likely have.
  2. Well, here we are, getting closer to the end of year sailings and people are worried about cancellations. I remember when I was told that it was way too early to worry about that. My reservation is for 1/3/22 NYC to Southhampton and was told recently that my deposit is due by 9/5 and if not received by then my reservation will be cancelled. Yet they are cancelling 2022 voyages? So I either lose my $214 deposit or pay the balance (which is about $1700) and wonder how long it will take to get that back if the 1/3/22 voyage is cancelled which is likely. No one wants dumb American anti-vaxxers who are allowing the Delta variant to explode.
  3. I am confused. I just received my email from Cunard telling me that my balance must be paid by Sept 5th. Although the UK is not requiring vaccinated travelors to quarantine after arriving, I think the US still has a ban on UK travelers to the US. Or has this been lifted? How will that work? They get to NYC but dont get off the ship? Anyway, I am just going to forfeit my $214 deposit, sadly. I booked knowing this could happen. Just too confusing with all the changes. I cant remember exactly,but there was something with the dining room and single travelers? (since they are not part of 1 bubble) And what about the buffet? I'm the one booked for 1/3/22 NYC to Southampton
  4. As of today the US border is still closed to non-citizens (US) coming from the UK and other countries as well.
  5. why would the cruise be cancelled if the quarantine is still in effect?
  6. It becomes important if your balance is soon due.
  7. This was part of a new thread I made "Any US Residents Here?" It was merged into this thread by the title was not, making my post a little confusing. I am curious to know if there are any US Residents on this forum and if so, are they aware of this quarantine rule in effect at the present time
  8. The cruise might be 6 months away but the balance of my fare is due in 2 months. I will have to make my decision at the last minute (end of August) based on the restrictions in place at that time when I will only lose my nonrefundable deposit of $214.
  9. No, I dont think you missed it. I read through that information carefully. Just as Cunard made no mention of previous vaccination in the email notification I received, neither does the UK Gov website. My guess is that they are concerned about the variants and uncertainty how those are covered by the current vaccine. And the vaccine isnt 100% effective against the virus it was designed for. It appears that the country you reside in determines the list whose regulations you must follow. Travelers from "Red List" countries must quaratine in a government approved quarantined hotel for about $2,000 for 10 days. The quarantine can be shortened for travelers coming from countries on the "Amber List" by covid testing but it is still a 5 day quarantine. I'm assuming there are no regulations for travelers coming from "Green List" countries.
  10. If so, do you realize you will be expected to quarantine after arrival in England for at least 5 days? I'm not 100% sure this regulation applies to UK residents returning, Of course this is assuming that the situation doesnt change when Cunard resumes sailing.Restrictions could be lifted or they could be more strict.
  11. Since they are sailing from the US to the UK (I'm referring to the 3 Jan 2022 sailing) it would have been considerate of them to include in any email they send concerning changes to the voyage that passengers should be aware of the UK's entry regulations concerning Covid. Anyone on that ship, US citizen/resident or not, at that time will be subject to these if they've spent any time in the US. Since Southampton is the final destination of the 3 Jan 2022 voyage due to cancellation of the world cruise everyone on that ship will be affected. So yes, they should tell passengers.
  12. I did a little more research and learned that you only have to book a quarantine hotel package if you are coming from a country on the red list. This package would be almost $2,000 Coming from a country on the amber list, you still have to quarantine for a minimum of 5 days if you do the procedure described in one of the comments. So if you are not visiting relatives where you can quarantine then you must quarantine in a hotel for 5 days. Dont think that would be much fun. I will wait until the end of August and then my decision will have to be made but it looks like I will be cancelling.
  13. I've been doing some research as the date to send in the balance of my fare gets closer. Looking at recent information I found, the US is on the UK's "amber list". This means that pasengers arriving from the U.S. must do the covid testing protecol but also must quarantine for 10 days. Seriously? Is Cunard going to tell passengers this requirement or is it up to individuals to know what is required of them? Unless this rule changes by Jan 3, 2022, and it could, I wont be on that sailing. By cancelling, I lose $214. By going I will have to pay for a 10 day quarantine plus the covid tests (those I'm not questioning)which will be over $1,000(not counting my fare of course) according to the info I have read. Please correct me if this information is wrong or outdated
  14. It didnt seem very full in 2013 when I last sailed. But its 9 years later, with Covid changing everything, who knows? Also, I dont have anything to compare it to as 2013 was my first TA since 1966! I'm seriously considering losing my $214 deposit and cancelling. There's just too much uncertainty, even if it does run.
  15. BlueMarble: I.m having trouble quoting and it insists on doing the entire message. Your last message makes sense and I understand now. Cunard should have been more clear! I guess I will spend a few days in London after the voyage if it really does go. Thanks!
  16. I agree with you but since sending the directions how to find what I was referring to I read the travel advisory again which said that the QM World Cruise 1/3/22 to 4/24/22 is cancelled. Initially I thought if the segment from NYC to Southampton was still on it would say that the World Cruise 1/10/22 to 4/24/22 is cancelled but now I'm thinking maybe not? In any case they should have referred to those passengers leaving from NYC on 1/3/22 who are not on the World Cruise. . I I guess we'll know when these new cruises go on sale soon, in July. Or I could call Cunard. I cancelled all my reservations I made for after the voyage except for the one in London so I can still do that if the voyage is on. Money isnt due until Sept.
  17. I just read the message about the latest cancellations that is across the top of the website. It says that the QM World Cruise 1/3/22 to 4/24/22 is cancelled. If the segment from 1/3 to 1/10, NYC to Southampton was still on, it would read the QM World Cruise 1/10/22 to 4/24/22. Apparently they have designed new voyages which will go on sale in July. I'm sure World Cruise passengers make up a large part of the passengers on the TA that leaves from NYC on 1/3/22. Without them the voyage is probably not feasible.
  18. Sorry, do this: click on transatlantic across the top of the website. That takes you to the picture with the buildings. Scroll down and you see 3 boxes with the Fall 2021 voyages. Right under those 3 boxes you see <1 of 3. Click on the red arrow to the right of the 3 and that takes you to a page. On the left is the one about Eastbound transatlantic
  19. Click on "Transatlantic" across the top of the website. That takes you to a page that says Transatlantic with a view of city buildings. Scroll down until you see a page with 3 boxes. The one on the left is for Eastbound Transatlantic. Click on that.
  20. So I'm wondering why it also refers to the TA TO New York on 1/2/22 on their website?
  21. I just looked on their website and they describe a TA on Jan 2, 2022 TO New york. In another place on their website they still have the 1/3/22 FROM New York. Jim 9310: I understand they cancelled the World Cruise starting 1/3/22 from NY. But the first segment goes from NY to Southampton. Couldnt they still run that? My thinking now is no, probably not because most of the passengers were probably World Cruisers who would no longer be on it. Also, if they are advertising one from England to NY on 1/2 they definitely cant have one from NY to England a day later. I'm going to go ahead and cancel all my post voyage plans. Fortunately they are easily cancelled. I'm not that disappointed because I half expected it. Now the question is do I get my "reduced deposit" back. Someone posted somewhere else that Cunard said no. Its only $214 but since I am not the one cancelling I do think it should be refunded.
  22. Wouldnt they still run the first segment of the World Cruise- 1/3/22 - 1/10/22? Or would the loss of the World Cruise passengers make it unprofitable for them? Still plenty of time to fill the ship unless the people who sail in January are generally the World Cruisers?
  23. So, is the July 3 QM2 transatlantic from NY to Southampton cancelled or not? I read that the World Cruise starting July 3 on the QM2 has been cancelled. Are they just running the first segment or not? Very confusing I havent heard yet from Cunard.
  24. Smitheroo


    It is my understanding that insulin does not have to be refrigerated if the vial is used within 30 days of opening it. That was our protocol in the hospital pharmacy I worked in. It had to be dated the first time it was used and tossed after 30 days. They were kept in the patient's medication drawer, not the refrigerator. I dont know if you would use one up in 30 days. I also dont know about the pens. This doesnt mean you can store it at very warm temps (like room temp in the tropics) All medications have a range of temperatures. Check with your pharmacy. i see someone else said the same thing, more or less, except that 28 days is the expiration of the open vial.
  25. I've been reading through the forum and have seen older posts speculating that the covid vaccine will be required. In the notification I received recently about my 1/3/2022 TA on the QM2 there is no mention of the vaccine being a requirement for embarkation. "We are unable to accept guests who test positive for COVID-19 , are self isolating within 14 days of travel or require supplementary oxygen (except C-Pap). I read this to mean that they will test each guest before allowing you to board? No mention of vaccine. There is a link to the protocols everyone will have to follow on board which I assume means masks? 6 ft distancing? ?? I would think if a vaccine is a requirement it would be right up front.
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