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  1. It wouldn't make sense that they would shift the blame to themselves. Modifying things for whale migrations would be seen by most as a positive thing, a malfunctioning propulsion system would not. Even if the know exactly what the problem is and have the parts available, finding a proper dry dock could be an issue right now.
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean to get your hopes up, I thought it was a good sign. I hope you get it rescheduled.
  3. This will be my first Diamond cruise, and the 4 free drinks really change the math, I don't drink enough every day.
  4. No, only 2 courses. There was a fish and a shrimp course. They can modify the menu to some extent if you let them know ahead of time.
  5. Unless they stop the "shows" in the main dining rooms, I will totally avoid them. I like the other venues better anyway.
  6. No, but I've seen ones on other ships. The beginning of it was really kind of strange and disorganized, then you had to sign a corvid form. But once the food started, I really have to say it was incredibly good, and I have eaten "bites" prepared by many amazing chefs. I probably won't do it again then because I think the only way for the quality of the preparation to go is down and my expectations too high. Oh well. If you want to try some really interesting and well designed and presented food, I strongly recommend it.
  7. I just did the Chef's Table on Dream, and the food was amazing. I'm on Mardi Gras in January and would be interested in doing it again, but not if it's the same menu. While the food is fantastic, a lot of the fun for me are tastes and combinations I have not had before. Does anyone know if they do the same menu on each ship, or does the chef on the ship actually get to design his own menu?
  8. I just got off the Dream, and I saw absolutely nothing wrong with her condition. There were issues with tvs, ac, coolers, water pressure and temperature, and other such things with a number of cabins. They were mostly taken care of quickly. I think it had much more with being out of service for almost 2 years than the age of the ship. The crew were very excited, but a little nervous and out of practice. I could latterly see things getting smoother every day of the cruise. If you are expecting perfection in everything, you are going to be disappointed in almost any ship sailing right now, and I believe it is all about expectations. It sounds like you are expecting to find problems, so I am pretty sure you will. That is not a cut or insult, it is just the way we are. If you expect to just go on a ship, eat and drink too much and just generally relax, you will have a great time. Ignore the details, they don't really matter anyway. My biggest issue was the lack of consistency in their safety protocols, but I easily avoided things that bothered me and had a great time.
  9. Having the shows is not the issue to me, it was encouraging the audience participation. If anything, they need to discourage it, or at least remind people to put their masks back on before they join in. That would be supportive of their other protocols rather than negating them..
  10. I don't think you understand what I am saying, and they do those shows on every line. Just because I don't personally like them doesn't mean I think they should stop them. A lot of people enjoy them. It's just that encouraging audience participation with no masks right now is just not a good idea right now, and is totally inconsistent with\. and possibly negates, all of the other precautions they are taking. I never threaten to cancel my cruise or never cruise on a particular cruise line because I know that it would make absolutely no difference. I'm not that important. I find it humorous when people think they are.
  11. It goes to show how people on the same cruise can have totally different experiences. I bet a lot of that has to do with the times and locations we were at. What I really noticed was that as the cruise went on, I saw more and more people without masks in the halls and elevators.
  12. Good point. I thought you were implying that they did not on my cruise. You absolutely did not say that, I misread it into your answer. That makes what was done even stranger.
  13. Then you were not on the Dream last week, at least at the one meal I ate at, because those were almost his exact words.
  14. I was wrong, I didn't see that. However, I can tell you that they were not distancing children or their families in the dining rooms or anywhere else. It's honestly not strictly about safety though for me.
  15. Except in large groups. These are their rules, not mine. I am just saying either enforce them or get rid of them.
  16. Yes, I agree about the buffet, but that was the only place I ever saw that happen. None of the "Heide Ho, Gotta Go" parties (I liked him, but not his catch phrase) or anywhere else. Understand, it was very easy for me to avoid situations that made me uncomfortable, and I never said a word to anyone about what they were doing, but I did get a number of "stink eyes" when I got off elevators. Actually I thought that was funny because I was changing what I did, not asking them to change what they were doing. The lack of enforcement did not surprise me, then encouragement did.
  17. First, I have never been a fan of the "shows" in the main dining rooms, I mean I don't go to a production show and ask them to serve me food. But in any event, I was on Dream last week. There was clearly no distancing of the tables or passengers, and no separation of families with children from those without. While I was waiting for desert, they made the announcement for the obligatory show. No big deal there, the staff are all wearing masks. However, they then encourage everyone, who have their masks off because they are eating, to standup and dance and sing. Who thought this was a good idea? Why take all the other precautions when you plan to put large portions of the passengers together and encourage them to ignore them? I spoke both with the maitre d' and customer service do based on their replies to me. Not to mention that after the initial boarding, I did not see one single staff member say anything to the people who were not wearing masks properly or at all, which grew over the course of the week as people realized no one was going to make them follow the rules. They need to make up their minds as to whether they are going to actually take this seriously or not. I had a great time anyway, I just avoided the main dining rooms and either didn't get on or got off elevators when people were not wearing masks. It is just frustrating to see another place where rules only apply to those of us who choose to follow them.
  18. I finally got mine today, FEDEX had been messing up the delivery all week, and they expire on September 21st. Luckily I needed it for today.
  19. Marketing departments don't let reality constrain their ideas.
  20. Not to argue, but as things change, I think the protocols will change, regardless of the time frame. We have seen that in the last 2 months. If the 12 and under vaccine is approved in October as expected, I would bet that that requirement would be implicated in January or February based on it being a 2 shot series with appx. 28 days between doses. That would give kids a reasonable amount of time to get vaccinated before it being a requirement. But who knows. I think a lot of changes may be driven by the ports requirements rather than the CDC or Courts for now. I find it interesting that everything was an emergency in Court at first, but now, not so much.
  21. We are talking about a cruise in January.
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